Green Scrappy Braid Quilt Top Is Finished

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Wow, working on and off, this took almost a month. I added the final borders early this morning.

I LOVE IT!!! My first braided Anything. And mostly from scraps. 95%. That’s the best part.

From this…

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To this…

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It is officially the largest quilt top I have made to-date. Right now, before quilting and binding, it measures 90″ by 94.” As you can see, it fits perfectly on this regular sized bed in the guest bedroom which BTW is only used to house my crafting stuff.

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It has enough of a drop that I could remove the dust ruffle. (Do people still use dust ruffles, LOL!! I still do.)

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For the back, I already started making more braid panels. I will probably cut some larger squares from leftover green scraps. And piece together what I can to make it large enough. I won’t spend a lot of time on it, that’s for sure. Already invested too many hours on the top.

After I quilt it, I want to make two pillow shams. I saw the cutest pillows that look like shams on the net (can’t remember where), loved them, will make them.

I am so glad I decided to try my hand at this design and learned to make the braids. If I had never tried it, then I wouldn’t have this to show you. 😀

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If you haven’t tried the Friendship Braid, check it out. Super easy. Time consuming, but easy.

Go here. This is what I used.

You can read about the making of this quilt top here.

And here.

Starched And Ready To Trim

Twelve and done…

I finished the last panel for my green scrappy braid quilt top yesterday.

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Whew!! So glad to be done sewing all the strips together. There are 92 strips per panel. 12 panels = 1104 strips. And it was all add strip, sew, stop, add strip, sew, stop, add… 😀 You get the picture. There was no way (that I know of) to do chain piecing.

But it’s done.

And now I tackle the trimming and sewing the panels together. Somewhere on the net, I read if you starch the panel BEFORE you trim the sides, the fabric (which is on the bias) will be more stable. Not sure if this is true, but since I am still new to quilting, I figured I had better follow what the experts are saying.

So, I sprayed each panel, pressed the heck out of it, hung them back up on my design wall. I wanted to make sure they were completely dry before touching them. I am thinking later today, I will get started.

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Wish me luck.