Ready For The Binding

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Well, I am happy to tell you my bonding with my Walking Foot went well. I have had my Janome 10001 sewing machine for over four years but had never used that foot. Had to refer to my manual on how to attach it. Glad I looked first. I wouldn’t have thought to put that long arm thingy on top of the foot holder bar.

It works great!! Walking along. Giving me a smooth stitch. Had no problems whatsoever.

Here’s what I did in about 4 hours. Going very slowly.

First, I sewed in the ditch starting from the center circle of the Dresden blades going down each seam. All the way diagonally to the edge of the quilt top.

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I thought the single diagonal line looked odd so I added a short line to cross over it. Then I decided to fancy up the black dotted fabric. I made long straight lines down the length of the border. About 1/4″ apart. I wish I could have used my 1/4″ foot but did the best I could on my own.

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Now it is ready for the binding. I am going to use up some of these green strips I fussy cut from the goose panels I told you about. The ones from the 80’s.

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And then, by golly, IT WILL BE DONE. I even bought some Color Catcher. Gonna wash and dry it. And hang it up in my craft room to admire. My first ever quilted wall hanging.

It measures about 22″ by 22″.

Next, I plan to tackle one of the three larger ones. Probably my 1st quilt top. If I mess it up, I won’t care as much. It already has lots of flaws. 😀