Number 100 and a Redo

Sniff, sniff…. number 100. 😦

Square 31

  • bright orange
  • hook G
  • measure 4 3/4″
  • Back Post & Front Post double crochet stitches

This was my 2nd time trying to do this square. First time, I guess I missed where the instructions said “in the same stitch.”  So my 1st attempt turned into a ball.  Giving it a second try, I did it right this time.

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I do like how the BPdc and FPdc stitches create a flower design in the center though I don’t see myself using it in anything.

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But IF I make it again, I will do 4 single crochets in the corners for the last round. Maybe even add an extra round to make it slightly larger.

Square Redo

Here’s a redo of one of the squares I was so unhappy about. Square 95. I still don’t like it much better. Perhaps I just don’t care for the design.

My 2nd attempt does look better than the first, though, don’t you think?

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NEW Square 95

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Old Square 95

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ONE TO GO!! Go get the kleenex…

Patterns can be found in the book, 101 Crochet Squares, by Jean Leinhauser.

Squares 66 (and 64)… Seeing Double?

Didn’t I do this square already? Looks like a picture frame. Yep, I did. It was Square 64. Even with the slight differences (center and edging), it is odd that two squares would be so similar.

BUT… good practice for learning the Back Post Double Crochet (BPdc) stitches. Those stitches give me pause. I have to stop midair to remember which way to insert the hook. And usually get the first one wrong and start over. Once I get my rhythm going, they are easy to make.

Here’s the new square.

Square 66 – Ditto

  • turquoise & aqua
  • hook G
  • measures 5 3/4″
  • back post double crochet (BPdc)
  • added one round of single crochet around edges

They both look like picture frames to me. Just in different colors.  This one was easier to make since I knew what to do. Getting used to making BPdc’s.

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As a reminder, in case, you can’t remember… here’s what Square 64 looked like.

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And with the extra round of single crochet stitches I added to the edge of Square 66, they are now TWINS!! 😀

Patterns can be found in the book, 101 Crochet Squares, by Jean Leinhauser. (11 squares to go!!)