How Would You Quilt This?

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Whew!! Finished!!

Took a week of..

  • planning
  • cutting
  • designing
  • taking photos
  • changing
  • sewing
  • pressing
  • taking photos

But finally, the quilt top is completed and now hangs on my design wall.

It measures approximately 66″ by 76″. In case your monitor displays my “pop” color as red, it is orange. Tangerine.

In the above photo I have the quilt turned on its side just to get it all in for the photo.

This is what it looked like before adding the borders.

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After adding the borders. The bottom is the top. Sorry you have to twist your head a bit. 😀
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I love this corner. The top right side. (Yes, I know. Another head twister. 😀 )

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Some areas could have been arranged differently. Even could have used full blocks instead of half ones in a few spaces. But hindsight just helps me on the next one. I am satisfied with how it looks.

Now I have to decide the best way to quilt it.

I could outline each square. Would take forever!! I could do straight lines inside each vertical column. One to the right of the seam and one to the left of the seam. Or I could outline each zig-zag section. Following up, down, all around. Or even diagonal lines, corner to corner?

After spending a week making the quilt top, I don’t really want to spend another week quilting it. I am so itching to get started on my next project.

Question to all you quilters out there….

How would you quilt my quilt top?

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Already Started My 2nd Quilt

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8 blocks finished. Trying a Log Cabin design this time.

And trying to stick to the directions per the letter. Even squared up my fabric before starting to cut. Cut off 1/2″ to remove the selvages. Seemed like such a waste but I totally understand why. The selvage threads are woven tighter than the rest and could distort my quilt when washed. So, off to the scrap heap you go. You Selvages!!

These are the fabrics I am using. Shown here cut in strips. 1 1/2″ wide.

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I didn’t completely stick to the “light” and “dark” concept. On the dark side, I added two rows of gold. Mixed in with the browns. I wanted to repeat it.

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This is my first time doing string piecing. Like assembly line style. But it works up fast.

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The fun part is deciding on an arrangement. So many ways to place the blocks. Once I have a few more made up, it will be easier to decide.

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I know, I know…….

You are probably thinking, “Did she finish her first quilt?” Nope, but I do have the backing fabric now so I can get started quilting it.