How To Make A 20 Strand Seed Bead Bracelet

Saturday, October 4

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Usually I make jewelry with just one strand but wanted to experiment with multi-strands since the challenge is how to end up with one or two strands when connecting the clasp. After several false starts I do believe I have figured out a way to make this work.

Follow along with my tutorial and try making one yourself. Except for the stringing time, it is really easy to make.

Supplies needed to make a 20 strand bracelet with seed beads. 

  • 11/0 seed beads (2 or 3 colors)
  • two 8mm round crystals
  • bracelet clasp (your choice)
  • size 12 stringing wire
  • 2 silver beads (for accent on the ends) 
  • 2 large hole spacer beads to cover the multi-strand wires
  • 2 large crimps size 4 (opening large enough for 20 wires)
  • 4 medium crimps size 3 (opening large enough for 10 wires)
  • 2 regular size crimps (for clasp ends)

Tools needed:  Alligator clips, chain nose pliers, wire cutter, crimper

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Step 1.  Cut 22 lengths of wire 14 inches each. (Set 2 lengths aside. Will be used to connect clasp.)

Step 2.  String 5 inches of 11/0 seed beads on each of the 20 lengths of wire. String some with mixed colors and some solid. Mix up for a colorful look.  Use alligator clips on both ends to hold beads in place.

Step 3.  Make sure exposed wire is even on both ends with the 5 inches of seed beads in the center. Measure carefully. Check each strand.

Step 4.  Arrange strands with the colors in the order you wish. Mix up so you don’t have all one color on one side unless of course that is how you want them.

Step 5.  Remove alligator clips on the left side and carefully insert all 20 strands of wire into the LARGE size 4 crimp.  Pull tight on each wire so crimp touches seed beads. 

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Step 6.  Flatten the large size 4 crimp which is holding all 20 wires, with chain nose pliers. 

Step 7.   Separate into 2 sets of 10 wires.  Slide one size 3 crimp onto one set of 10 wires. Slide the other size 3 crimp onto the second set of 10 wires. These will sit right on top of the larger flattened crimp. See photo.

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Step 8.  Flatten the two size 3 crimps with chain nose pliers. Make sure to flatten really tight.

Step 9.  Cut off excess wire. See photo showing how much I cut off.

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Step 10.  Take one of the 14″ lengths of wire set aside from Step 1 and loop it under the strands of beads and up over the crimped/cut wires.  See photo. 

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Step 11.  String through Large Hole Spacer Bead, 8mm Round Crystal, 5mm Silver Bead, Regular Size Crimp and one end of Toggle.  Loop wire over the toggle and downward through crimp, silver bead, crystal and large hole spacer bead.  Wire should exit the underside of the large hole spacer bead. Pull tight so crystal is tight against the large hole spacer bead.

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Step 12.  Crimp the crimp once you have everything the way you want it. DON’T cut the wires yet.

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Step 13.  Repeat Steps 5 through 12 for the right side of the bracelet.  Braid, weave or mix up the strands however you wish before adding the Large Size 4 Crimp. See photos for how I did mine.

Step 14. Once you are satisfied with the tightness of the wires connecting the toggle, ok to cut the excess wires on the toggle ends.

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You are now finished and ready to wear your 20 strand bracelet. Enjoy!!

Note: These instructions will make a 7 1/2-8 inch finished bracelet, after adding the clasp. Add additional seed beads to make bracelet longer. Of course, increase wire length accordingly.

I am always looking for tips and tricks. If you know of a better technique to “reduce” the wires down to one before adding the toggle, please post a comment. Thanks!!