Scrappy Trip Quilt Top Is Done… And More

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My Scrappy Trip quilt top has been finished for about a week. I have it neatly draped over the upstairs railing… waiting… Waiting for me to get up the courage to sandwich it and quilt it. I was thinking about straight lines but now I am thinking Cathedral Window-like loops all over it. I am really pleased out it turned out. The majority of my seams abutted exactly as they should have.

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I am thinking of doing another one. But with the colors and fabrics of my choice. More controlled. More planned out. Not Everything But The Kitchen Sink. Like this one.

But first… I need to decide what to do with all the leftover blocks. As you know from my last post, I have 27 extra blocks. I put them up on my design wall. And guess what? I have enough for a second Scrappy Trip quilt!!

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Isn’t that amazing!! I have been playing around with them and even could do a few as doll quilts or table mats.

I like these four with the same burgundy plaid fabric going down the middle. All but one. The upper right one.

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It needs a touch of light orange or whatever color that is. I will probably take it apart to balance the look.

Also these three are cute together.

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Wouldn’t they make a sweet little doll quilt? Only have the three. Will need to make a 4th. No rush though. They will go in the UFO pile for now.

Speaking of my UFO pile. I pulled these two Crossroads to Jericho blocks out to work on.

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Several months ago when I was making my Crossroads blocks with black squares, I experimented replacing the black with white. Just to see if I would like them. Only made the two. When I pulled out the little baggie, I remembered I had cut a bunch of squares and triangles. Enough for six more blocks. So… I sewed them together. What a difference a few months make!! Look at those points. Much better than my first ones.

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Not big enough for a quilt. But just the right size for a table runner or wall hanging.

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I am half way through the quilting. Just straight lines thus far. Will probably add a few loops and wiggles.

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With the leftover fabric, I managed to get enough 2 1/2″ squares and borders to make one pillow.

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I am thinking of a maze design for the quilting. Starting in one corner and go around corner to corner and keep going until I reach the center. We shall see. Hope it works.

Working with white fabric is still new to me. I rarely sew with it. Don’t know why. I just don’t. BUT.. I like it. It is Kona white that I bought about six months ago. Only drawback, well, a couple of drawbacks. I had to constantly wash my hands so I wouldn’t soil it. And also I spent about an hour trimming the fabric edges on the underside. I was thinking they might be seen through the fabric.

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What about you? Do you like sewing/quilting with white fabric? Do you trim the seams before quilting? Do tell…..

6 comments on “Scrappy Trip Quilt Top Is Done… And More

  1. Lennette says:

    I love your STATW!!!! I started one with purples and yellows and hated it so I used the strips of fabric that I had already cut for a different project. I use white or off white in many of my quilts as background fabric. 99% of the time I press to the darker fabric so I don’t have to trim threads.

  2. So pretty! I love to work with solid white as I think it shows off the other colors so well. But I also worry about keeping it clean. I trim my thread as I go but sometimes a darker fabric can fray a bit and I try to catch those too.

  3. As always, your work is an inspiration, Donna! You’ve become quite a prolific and proficient quilter …even putting me to shame.

  4. don_mae says:

    Hey look!! 3 of my favorite people. Lennette, Deb and Jude. Thank you all for your comments on my work.

    How the heck are you, Jude? Love it when you pop in to visit, you busy lady!!

    Lennette, so what colors are you going to use now for STATW? What about purple and lime? So pretty together.

    Deb, I am going to try to use white more often and not worry so much. I think part of my problem is that I “shake” the fabric as I am working with it. I noticed it tends to fray after I do that. Guess I should stop.

    • Lennette says:

      I love the purple and yellow fabrics together, just not for a STATW because it was so busy that i couldn’t see any type of pattern. Since, like a fool, I had pre-cut all of the strips I had to find a pattern that would accommodate the strips. I found a pattern called “A Walk in the City” that I ordered a few weeks ago and changed the dimensions enough to use the strips. I just finished the top yesterday and am ready to quilt it. I’m still going to make a STATW, but I’ll use different fabrics.

  5. That is a great quilt! Congratulations on the finish. I also hang my flimsies over the hand railing in the living room. It’s fun just to see them before I quilt them.

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