Crossroads To Jericho: On My Own

And now a few words from the Design Wall… 😀

Last time you saw me, I was hanging around with three of my good UFO’s friends. I am on the top right and my name, so I am told, is Crossroads to Jericho.

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I was little three weeks ago, only six blocks.

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But look at me now!! Happy to report, I am big enough to require my own space. I am 8 rows wide and 8 rows long. Each block is 9 1/4″.

Image Hosting by

Nothing much to do so I will just hang here until my owner decides to stitch all 64 of my parts together. She might even decide to make me wider and longer. I am told there is a process called quilting. Hmmm. Wonder what that is? 😀 I will probably get folded, all nice and neatly. And stored away somewhere.

Well, so long for now. Maybe I will see you again around November. Take care.

7 comments on “Crossroads To Jericho: On My Own

  1. Betty says:

    The cross idea is great!!!

  2. JoanieinNC says:

    Wow! what a great way to enhance a nine patch! Looking good!

  3. Very nice quilt. You really should sew all its parts together. Will you add a border?

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Stella, I saw your comment several days ago but forgot to reply. Not sure on the border. Maybe a thin black one to frame all the colors. Thanks for the question.

  4. P. says:

    Aw, Crossroads, don’t go! You’re too pretty to be put away for months! Maybe if you ask your owner pretty please? 😉

    Beautiful, colorful quilt!

  5. What a neat quilt…but November????

  6. I love hearing from a quilt in her very own words–very fun post to read.

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