Perfect Everytime

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It only took two years!! I finally figured out what to do to get my seams to abut correctly without tacking them down first.

Number 1: Cut the squares accurately. 😀 Seems easy enough, you might say. BUT I was using the lines on my cutting mat as my measuring tool. The first cut was perfect. Then the next and the next got smaller. Lost some of the inches. I only JUST found this out when my cut strips looked off. Don’t know why I never noticed this before. I am pretty sure this is why the white strips for my Hugs and Kisses quilt were off. Now I measure with my quilt ruler PLUS I measure with my tape measure.

Second. I finger press the seams lightly. No ironing/pressing with the iron until the block is sewn together. I find the “raised” seam abuts better than when it is flattened by the iron.

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Third. Not sure how you insert the pin to hold the seams in place before sewing but I had seen several different methods on the net. And tried them all. I still struggled trying to keep the seams from slipping and sliding. Even with a regular foot and my walking foot. And then, guess what happened? I went back to the way I pinned when I first learned to sew as a child. I pin horizontal along the seam line instead of vertical sticking into the seam. The vertical way just wasn’t working for me. I sew right up to the pin and ease the pin out as the needle advances toward it.

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Works every time!!

Now that I have the 9-Patch down, hopefully I can get my other seams in my other blocks to line up. 😀

How do you get your seams to abut correctly? Do tell.