A Design Wall Full Of Starters

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OMGosh!! Do I have a serious case of Start-itis or what!! The plan is to finish one quilt top per month. And at the rate it takes me to make one, I thought I had best get started.

This is what was up on my design wall as of the last day of January.


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I am seeing these scrappy quilts everywhere even though the quilt everyone references as their inspiration was made EIGHT YEARS ago. So I am hopping on an eight year old bandwagon. 😀 Better late, than never. Right? I am throwing everything I have into this quilt. Not just scraps. FQ’s, stash, charms, fabric sent to me from some of you.

Anything goes in my quilt. All colors welcome. All fabrics welcome, even the ugly ones that have been auditioned to death. I have one requirement for my design… A burgundy strip must be in the center of every block. Any shade of burgundy works. I am hoping a repeating color will bring order to the chaos of the scrappy look. Want to see the quilt that started it all? See link below.

TeachME Novelty Quilt

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This started off as one of my charity pillowcases. My plan for 2013 is to make a “pieced” pillowcase as one of the twenty each month. But since I liked how it turned out, I decided to turn it into a cute little child’s quilt. Something the little guy or gal can look at and be entertained. Not sure how large this one will be. Probably lap size. It will be a “create-as-you-go quilt.”

Crossroads to Jericho

Remember these blocks?

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My quilt group’s January Block Lotto. Did I win? Nope. I didn’t. The Other Donna won. 😀 And what she won is going to be so pretty as a quilt, that I was jealous and wanted one of my own. I already had a bunch of squares cut so all I needed to do was get started sewing them together.

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I have a ways to go but these blocks come together fairly quickly. The size, I am thinking, will be twin size or lap quilt.

BOM Quilt Group Quilt

The Joiner that I am…sigh.. I signed up for another quilt group project in the 2nd quilt group I am in. This project will last all year. A Block Of The Month quilt. Each month we will make a different block. For January we had TWO blocks to make. Deadline to get photos submitted was yesterday. I finished them with a few hours to spare. But it almost didn’t happen. Since I was so undecided on which fabrics I would still love after 12 months of working with them. It took me several weeks to decide. I pulled down a bunch to audition. Then a few days ago, I read that purple was gaining in popularity as the go-to color for quilts. That decided it for me.

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I don’t have much of these fabrics. Don’t laugh. I only have TWO FQ’s of each. LOL!! You should have seen me cutting the squares. It took forever. But I did not waste an inch. Got my fingers crossed that I will have enough for all 12 blocks. Two down…

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One last thing before I go. Want to see something funny? I saw this at A Simple Life Quilts. How about you? Do you ever finish anything? 😀

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7 comments on “A Design Wall Full Of Starters

  1. Sonnethawk says:

    I love the dimension in the Crossroads to Jericho quilt squares.
    Yes, I am guilty of not finishing a lot of things! I have a few crocheted dog sweaters that need to be finished. My folded star pot holder needs to be finished. I just don’t have the desire to sew right now. I like to crochet when it is cold. I am working on two different lapghans. I decided to do this so I could change the scenery. When I get bored with one, I can pick up the other one!
    I am waiting to see your macrame bird cage – hint hint!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Lennette says:

    You are so awesome with your dedication to your projects! I haven’t done any quilting for a couple of months because I’ve been too busy beading. Once you got me hooked on beading, that’s all I want to do these days! I absolutely love the purple fabrics!! You have such a great eye for color!!

    • don_mae says:

      For real, Lennette!! Not quilting for months. Wow!! You DO have the beading bug. And bad!! I am happy for you. You are drawn to beading like I am drawn to quilting. We traded places. Have fun!!

      • Lennette says:

        We definitely traded places! LOL Allison has the bug too. I’m going to have to email you pictures of a necklace she just made me. It’s absolutely beautiful, and it’s all thanks to YOU!

  3. Vivian says:

    Always like to be reminded that I am not the only start and yet to finish quilter in the world. :^D Love Crossroads to Jericho. Black is such a great fabric for making everything else “POP”. Neat block.

    • don_mae says:

      Yep, you and me both. I am building a nice little pile of quilt tops. If only I had a long arm.

      I love, love the Crossroads to Jericho block. I now have 16 up on my design wall. Addicting.

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