My Braid Block… It’s Beginning To Look Like….

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HEY!! It is beginning to look like a quilt top.

Sewing these strips is soooo addicting. Try it. I bet you can’t just sew a few. Once you start, you end up sewing for at least an hour.

I now have two sections finished. Each with 92 strips. 5″ across and 68″ down. (The sections aren’t sewn together. It just looks like it.)

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I stopped there. Didn’t want to do any ripping out later if I decide to go shorter. I can always add more strips if I want it longer.

What do you think of this fabric for the binding?

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It is green but it does have an unusual design. I don’t think it will get lost in all that green. I have it pinned to the quilt top in the first photo. The green in the center has butterflies. It will be the sashing.

Boy, this design sure uses up lots of strips. Perfect for scraps. I only have about 150 cut strips left. And here I thought I cut too many.

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Hopefully I can get another 150 from my leftover scraps. Then I will have to use my stash. But that’s a good thing. Feels good using up so many scraps.

Well, got to go to the post office to mail off a couple of packages. I will sew more on my braid quilt later today. Maybe even get two more sections finished. 😀

Hope you are having a great weekend. What are you doing?

11 comments on “My Braid Block… It’s Beginning To Look Like….

  1. sonnethawk says:

    Wow! You sure are organized! I LOVE the strips you are making, but the material for the sashing is not my cup of tea. I have to be honest. I am not into bold designs. I like the small prints and rich solid colors.
    I have started one of my Folded Star pot holders. I have all of my squares cut. I just have to make my bias tape and then sew it together. The cutting board and cutting wheel are sure a treat! It makes things go so much smoother and faster, and the work so much more enjoyable! I have lots to look forward to!

  2. I havent started a braid yet- YET- but hope to soon.
    I need to be working on all the mysterys I have going right now- but I can’t! I am off to start a new one at a Bonnie Hunter workshop tomorrow! WOO HOO!

  3. Jude Gibbard says:

    Looking VERY Irish! I like it but would use that fabric for the backing – its too good to use just as binding. For me the sashing would be best if not very busy. The braids would contrast more with them… but maybe you do not like that effect? It could look a bit too stripey overall for you. Busy sashings do avoid accenting the striped effect of columns of braids. Just a matter of whatever you prefer. No one right way, of course.

  4. Lennette says:

    It’s looking beautiful Donna!!! I agree that the fabric is too pretty to use just for binding. I would use it for the backing because it’s wonderful and you want to see more of it!

  5. sonnethawk says:

    Happy New Year! Much continued success on your creative endeavors!

  6. don_mae says:

    Hi everyone..

    Tanya, Happy New Years to you too. I am looking forward to seeing your Folded Star pot holders.

    Jess, hope you enjoyed your workshop. Attending a workshop or a retreat is on my list of Would Like To Do’s.

    Jude, I would LOVE to use that fabric for the backing. But only have one yard. 😦 I searched and searched all over the net but can’t find it (called Babble) in green. Oh well. I will use the plainer one for the sashing. And I still plan to use Babble for the binding. That will teach me. I need to plan better and always buy enough yardage. Hope you are well. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Lennette, look through your stash. I BET you have some Babble in there somewhere. 😀

    I will be posting my New Year’s post in a bit. Thanks much for stopping by.

    • sonnethawk says:

      I am writing this after I posted the other two comments, so I don’t know which one will show up first.
      Go to Google and just enter the term “BM13 Slate”. There will be a lot of hits that come up for the fabric you are looking for. I found another one. The fabric swatch is about two thirds down the page, but it is there. Here is the link:

      • don_mae says:

        Hi Tanya, yep, that is what I searched on.. for hours.. looking at about 50 different entries. I saw all the other colors. I found his (the designer) entire collection, which BTW is very nice. I had never heard of him until buying the green fabric. I may get a few of the other Babble colors. Thanks so much for helping me locate the color I needed.

  7. sonnethawk says:

    No, I am not trying to spam your blog. I am just so excited to find all of these links for the green Babble material you are looking for! I found another site. It has the material on sale for $8.60 a yard. I think this is the cheapest price I have found so far. It is at Tennessee Quilts. Here is the link:

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