New Sewing Machine Cover, The “Alice”

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I have just about exhausted all of my black and white selvages. I still have lots of black and white strips left. Just not as many with “words”, the stuff that makes selvages so fun to work with.

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So far, I made a sewing machine cover. A little zippered clutch bag. And the front to what I think will be a pillow. Or maybe a small table runner.

All of the strips were first sewn to pre-quilted fabric.

I made the sewing machine cover first. I had an idea to use a strip of this sewing machine fabric I showed you several days ago.

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It went together quickly. I spent two days working on it.

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It is reversible.

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Why did I name my new sewing machine cover Alice? Because the majority of the selvage strips came from fabric designed by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures. I knew I bought a lot of black and white fabrics (love them) but I hadn’t realized they were mostly from one designer.

The Log Cabin selvage block was an idea I got after fussy cutting one of the antique sewing machines. Lavender.

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And I had the perfect lavender fabric to use. Some leftover from the sewing machine cover. I got the fabric from Connecting Threads. Sweetgrass Prairie. On sale. It was in one of the four FQ bundles I bought. I will be pulling pieces from those bundles for months. Years.

For the little clutch, I tried something different.

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No inside lining. Since the selvage strips were sewn to pre-quilted black fabric, I let that be the lining. I decided to do French side seams. 😦 I knew I would have to use my walking foot due to the bulk but I wasn’t expecting the needle to jam and stall. Twice!! But I managed to finish it up without any damage to my Janome. Whew!!

What will I make next? Probably more sewing machine covers. I enjoy making them and have lots more ideas for more using different blocks I have wanted to try. They satisfy my need to sew and quilt “something.” Not too tiny. But not huge either. A day or two at the most and I have a completed item. And more zippered bags. I have an idea for one using my selvage “dots.”

OK. Enough about me. What did you finish up this week? Do tell.

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8 comments on “New Sewing Machine Cover, The “Alice”

  1. Love all these projects. So cute and so clever!
    I’m wrapping up a huge pile of hurry-up-Christmas-projects so they can get into the mail.

  2. Sonnethawk says:

    The sewing machine cover is a clever idea! I LOVE that it is reversible!

  3. Terry says:

    What pretty projects…love each and every one of them!! Thanks for sharing :o)

  4. LisaD says:

    Great covers! I just finished my first quilt block wall-hanging, choosing the Storm at Sea pattern. I used 4 different color batiks, two light, two dark, which I just love. I framed it with one of the lighter colors and bound it using one of the dark colors. I am very please at how it came out and I know that my forty-year-old son will love it!
    Thanks for all your blogs on quilting. I know I absorbed quite a bit from them!

    LisaD in upstate NY

  5. Lillian Dummer says:

    Love the machine cover wonderful job.

  6. I just love these! that little lavender sewing machine is so cute. And I especially like the zippered pouch!

  7. Sarah C. says:

    Whoop whoop on awesome selvage projects!!

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