Selvage Christmas Tree Mug Rugs…

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Now there are three. I showed you the first one at the beginning of November. And I finished two more in November.

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Made with 100% cotton, mostly Christmas themed fabrics.

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Here’s a closeup of the selvages I used to form the tree.

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Mug rugs measure approximately 12″ to 13″.

They can also be hung on the wall. Each one has hanging triangle tabs in the back. Just stick in a small rod. Or they can be dangled in a window by tying a piece of thread or string around the button in the back.

These Christmas tree mug rugs are fun to make and I would probably make more but I want to move on to a new project. Next!! 😀

10 comments on “Selvage Christmas Tree Mug Rugs…

  1. Helen says:

    that’s a cute idea & a neat transformation of scraps

  2. Penny says:

    These are cute!

  3. Lennette says:

    I love them Donna!!!

  4. Keene Carol says:

    Donna, you are ONE creative woman! You have gotten MORE use out of your fabric than the manufacturers EVER intended. Because of you, they may begin printing wonderfulness on the selvage edges so you will endorse their products. You’re an amazing woman, my dear. Incredible. Just incredible…

    • don_mae says:

      Wow, Carol!! It’s been awhile since you commented. Have missed ya. As you can tell, I am having a blast sewing with selvages. Thanks much, as always!! 😀

      • Keene Carol says:

        It’s been a while, yes, but I always look, smile and LOVE what you’re doing. I’m also wearing my jewelry that you made, and loving it, too. You’re a darling woman. I’m so happy I happened on your blog that day many years ago.

  5. mindingmomma says:

    very creative

  6. Crystal says:

    Donna, Donna, DONNA!!! 😀
    These are cute as a bug’s ear!
    So very adorable and the star button is the perfect finishing touch!

  7. don_mae says:

    Hi everyone, thanks so much for visiting and leaving comment LOVE. Really appreciate you. Hope you are having a great December. (Crystal, I see you, LOL!!)

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