“I’m Done.. I’m Going To Read One Of These!!”

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Don’t you just love that commercial where the mom finishes dusting and she announces she is going to read a book. A book her daughter has obviously already read and her daughter proceeds to tell her, “can you believe the twin did it!!” I smile every time. The look on the mom’s face is priceless, as she tosses the book over her shoulder.

So.. what does that have to do with me? With anything, you ask.

Nothing. I just like that commercial. 😀

But I do have something I can say I’m DONE!!

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After working on these string circle blocks for so long (over two months), I still Love Them. I wasn’t sure if the seams would line up at the cross sections. I think I did OK. I need to get better at making sure my 1 1/2″ strips actually ARE 1 1/2″ strips. A few look wider when sewn together.

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My only regret. That I didn’t foresee yellow as a “stickouter.” (I just made up a word.) Up on my design wall, they seemed to blend well enough.

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BUT with the borders and sewn to the other blocks, they stick out like a sore thumb. Oh well. It is what it is. (I love that saying.) It is what it is.

Now I have to decide on which fabric to use for the back. I have been auditioning several and narrowed it down to three. One is a WILD print. I will probably use it. I like wild!!

Quilt top measures 75″ by 76″. I added an extra row on the right and also on the bottom. Seven blocks across and seven blocks down for a total of 49. It is going to be a challenge getting it quilted on my “little throat” Janome. I wish I had a sewing machine with a wider/longer throat. Not looking forward to the game called Pushing and Shoving. But I AM looking forward to seeing a finished quilt.

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Speaking of Pushing And Shoving, did you go out to mingle with the masses on Black Friday? Or did you do your shopping on-line on Cyber Monday? I did a little of both. Got some nice bargains on fabric. Got a few things at Office Depot and Best Buy. Bought two new pairs of shoes at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse). Love one pair. Had them on yesterday while running errands. Very comfortable.

Well, that does it for me.

Are you a Black Friday Shopper or a Cyber Monday Shopper? What all did you buy? Do tell.

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18 comments on ““I’m Done.. I’m Going To Read One Of These!!”

  1. abbie2001 says:

    I love that commercial too and the mom’s look on her face is too funny. I then think, I wish I was able to do all that cleaning but I can’t, I’m disabled. I haven’t done any shopping on line and the only thing I bought at a store is a Home Depot gift card for a gift. It’s my first Christmas gift. I’m buying all gift cards this year. A big part of my family will be getting Amazon gift cards, I have 9 grandchildren. I will probably crochet a few little things up. I have some potholders already made. I hope one day that I can have all of my grandchildren and their parents here for Christmas.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Abbie, I just saw that commercial. Sooo funny!!

      That is great you are giving gift cards as Christmas gifts. That way each person is guaranteed to get something they want. Nine grandchildren!! Wow. I bet you are always busy making something for them.

  2. abbie2001 says:

    I forgot to tell you I really like your circles afghan cover. I think it’s neat. I like bright, wild colors too!

  3. Sonnethawk says:

    Your quilt top is really pretty!
    No, I don’t know what commercial you are talking about because I don’t do TV!
    I hope you had a nice birthday celebration on Saturday!
    No, I did not go out to shop on Black Friday, nor did I care about Cyber Monday. I took my dog to the groomer yesterday. While she was there, I walked up town and hit some of the thrift stores. My last stop was to a store called The Kitchen Company. It is a real nice kitchen store with almost anything in it that you can imagine! I went in there to check on their electric pressure cookers. I have been wanting one for quite a while – ever since my neighbor lent me hers to try. I bought a 6 quart Cuisinart electric pressure cooker. I have some Navy bean soup cooking in it right now! :.)
    I DID do a little shopping online. I ordered some rolls of Tulle to make a Tulle Christmas Wreath for my door. I also ordered two crochet ripple afghan books and the beads I need to make a beaded Christmas tree. I am just finishing a lapghan called “Drop in the Pond.” I did it in white, lilac and boysenberry. It is real pretty!
    I saw some really nice patterns for quilted Christmas balls. I have the materials to do them. Now, I just have to get it done! I’ll do it when the Christmas spirit moves me! I want to complete my lapghan first.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Tanya, thanks!! Yes I did have a nice birthday. Lots of gifts and money. Spent most of it on fabric. I think I have enough fabric for 10 years of sewing. Sounds like you have been super busy. Have fun with your new toy. I LOVE navy bean soup. It has always been a favorite of mine. In fact one of our local restaurants had navy bean soup as a special every Tuesday. I went there every week for about 15 years on Tuesday. Then they closed shop. 😦

      What are you going to do with the quilted Christmas balls?

      • Sonnethawk says:

        When I make them, I am going to put them on my tree.
        I had bought one at one of the thrift stores. It was done in pink fabric. At each end, someone had put in these decorative straight pins that had a pearl-like head on them. It is really pretty!
        The soup turned out fantastic! For years, I had been very afraid of pressure cookers and didn’t care to find out how to use them. Since I had the opportunity to get introduced to the newer ones, I absolutely LOVE how food tastes in them! I also like how quickly you can put a meal together!
        I am so glad you had a great day on your BD! I am looking forward to seeing what your creative talent comes up with next! You are really an inspiration! I am thinking about getting into lap quilting. I would like to try this before I take the plunge to do a full blown quilt. The sewing store up town has quilting classes that you can take but they charge a fee to take them. I think I would rather do some Internet searching first, and learn what I can from the tutorials from others before I put money out for a class.
        Happy sewing!

  4. Love the way your string ornament quilt top turned out! I don’t think the yellow is screaming for attention – just sits there looking like another jewel in box of your quilt! Without the yellow, you would really lose the sparkle in the quilt. The way you did the sashing is perfect! Would you mind if I saved a picture of your quilt to make one similar one day?

    • don_mae says:

      Absolutely you can!! After making the strings (on a 7 1/4″ square of muslin), I used a 7″ plate to cut out the circles. The backing fabric (in shades of antique white, cream and beige) is 10″.

      After reading your comment, I went back to relook at the yellow ones. Your way of thinking makes me feel better about including them. Thanks!!

      • Thank you for letting me copy your quilt and for the instructions on sizes! I’m so glad I could let you see your quilt in a different light. It is really beautiful and the yellow adds the sunshine sparkle. Actually, the color that pops out at me first is the teal/aqua!

  5. Carol says:

    As I looked at your quilt top I was thinking how perfectly you matched the borders…you shouldn’t have given us the closeup!

    Well, we waited a few minutes in line to get a TV that we don’t need..or should I say that Terry THINKS we need. Before the store even opened I saw people leaving the front of the line and going to their cars. Pretty soon an employee came along the line telling everyone the TV’s were gone. They had given tickets out at the front until they were gone. Went home TVless and didn’t shop BF but we went out Saturday. On cyber Monday, I bought 4 used embroidery books from Better World Books (THE BEST PLACE TO BUY BOOKS) for only 25.00. I look inside at Amazon then go to BWB to buy. Their warehouse is in my town so I can go there to pick them up if I want them sooner. That’s it.

    Love your quilt top, as I do all your quilting. You always amaze me.
    Happy Holidays

    • don_mae says:

      Carol, you are too funny. I got a chuckle on you saying I shouldn’t have given you the closeup. LOL!! 😀

      I will have to check out that place where you get your books. Thanks for the info. (I do that too. Compare and then go elsewhere to purchase.)

  6. Barb N says:

    Wow – I love your quilt! I can see why it took so long to finish. Looking at the photograph, I don’t think the yellow ‘pops’ too much. You deserve to read a good book. Have you read “Traveling With Pomegranates”? It came out a couple of years ago, but it’s one of my all-time favorites. Also, may I ask what pattern you used for this quilt? I think I’d love to use this for my scraps one day.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Barb.. no pattern. I was working from an image in my head. I did research on-line the various ways to applique a circle but I didn’t like any of them. I came up with my own way. I took photos of the steps as I was making it so if I get the time, I will post a tut on my blog. Thanks much for your comments on my quilt. I will have to check out the book you mentioned. Sounds interesting.

  7. Lennette says:

    The quilt top is GORGEOUS!!!!! I don’t think the yellow blocks stand out at all…I agree that they set off the quilt perfectly and really make the quilt sparkle!!! I’m so glad you had a nice birthday because you deserve it!!! I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping, but I did some Cyber Monday shopping for Allison. Can you guess what I bought her? BEADS of course!!! After you got me hooked on beading, I got her hooked! She amazes me with her beading talent…hmmm…maybe she’s related to you more than me! LOL

    • don_mae says:

      Lennette, I should gather up some of what I am not using and send them to you for her. It delights me that she is loving beading so much!! Thanks!!

  8. LOVE your circle quilt. I don’t think the yellow over-powers it at all… but maybe it shows differently in the photo than it does *in life*. A little spark and sunshine in one’s life is always good… kinda makes ya happy.
    NO… no Black Friday for me. The late-night specials on Saturday at Michael’s was great and no crowds! Super.

  9. Amanda says:

    Your quilt looks great…and I don’t think the yellow looks too bad either.

  10. Linda B. says:

    Donna the yellow gives it pop..I really don’t think it stands out…love all the colors you used…see ya in the group…

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