No “Show And Tell”

Hi everyone…

Lots to show you but haven’t had a chance to tell you about it.

Around here for the last week it has been “if it’s not broken, BREAK IT!!!”

No electricity for a day and a half. Wind so strong that our lights went out after an ear deafening boom. I kind of knew my computer wouldn’t survive. When electricity was restored, I never even got a chance to see if my computer worked. Off the lights went out again. Sigh. Getting. Tired. Of. This. Madness.

Finally, when the lights came back on and the weather was clear, no wind, I attempted to turn my PC on. Just as I had feared. 10 clicks on the On Button. Nope. No luck getting it to come on. Even hubby tried. (I guess he didn’t think I knew how to turn it on. 🙂 )

It was fried.

OK… time for a visit to the computer repair store. Which BTW is the same store I had build my first PC from scratch. It was a 286. Anyone remember those? Back in 1989. They still have my purchase in their computer. Want to guess what that 286 cost me? $2200 for the computer, software and whatever else I needed back in those days. Wow!! Computers sure have come down. More affordable for everyone.

Anyhoo. Back to getting my PC fixed. It was two days before I had it back and another day before I decided to crawl around under my computer desk to reconnect everything.

So, now I am back on line. Yay!!

I have sooooo much to show you and tell you. I made quite a few things in October. Mug rugs, baskets, pincushions, coasters from recycled materials. And of course pillow cases. Plus I worked more on my String Circle blocks.

No clue why I didn’t post a few as I finished them. Just lazy I guess. I thought I had the rest of the month to get them blogged about.

So now I have to play catch up. It will take several days to get you all caught up. Lots of posts coming up. Hope you like. 😀

3 comments on “No “Show And Tell”

  1. sonnethawk says:

    Losing power is no fun. Losing a computer is a definite disaster!
    Yes, I remember studying about the 286 in college. Before then, I didn’t want to touch a computer! I hated them that much!
    The devastation from Hurricane Sandy is beyond words. It is hard to comprehend all of the loss and tragedy. Today, I saw a piece where there is gas lines ruptured all over the place. I really “feel” for those who are in harm’s way. I hope they will be O.K.!
    I hope you didn’t suffer too much other physical damage to your home and town.
    It is nice to see you back online!

  2. Deb says:

    So many people I visit online have been without power. I’m glad you’re not much worse for wear though! Those storms are scary! Glad I live in sunny California! We just have earthquakes hehe.

  3. Betty Miller says:

    HI Donna Sorry to hear you were in the Storm. I had no idea. Hope you are all well. Love Betty

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