My September Roundup

Not many projects were finished in September. But if there had been a contest for pieces made, I probably would have won.

I made….

  • 22 charity pillowcases
  • 126 Hugs and Kisses blocks
  • 12 String blocks
  • 40 String Circles
  • 3 Birthday mug rugs
  • 1 Quilt top quilted

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This was my last finish for the month. A Birthday Mug Rug. When you last saw it, it looked like this.

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I decided to go smaller and ditched the other half-square triangles (HST’s). Just went with the yellow dotted ones for the front. For the back, I used royal blue HST’s and fussy cut a square of balloons. I love how this turned out and probably would have made more but boredom forced me to move on.

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Whew!! Made it!! Met my monthly goal of 20 charity pillowcases. I actually made 22.

Here’s Batch 7.

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My favorites in this batch are the basketball pillowcase and the yellow one. The yellow one is pieced and fabric strips sewn onto muslin. It took FOREVER so I only made one.

Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

I like seeing them all piled high in a great big stack. Makes me feel like I really worked hard. 😀

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Now I am up to 128 total pillowcases. I am 28 ahead of schedule. (I started in May.)

These are up on my design wall. No clue YET what I will do with them.

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I guess you would call them String Circles. I was just in a “get rid of some of these scraps” mood and made one, then another and another.

And before I knew it, I had been making them for two days. I do think whatever I make, I will separate the darker ones from the rainbow colors and make two different projects. No rush on whatever I will make. They can stay up on my design wall until I need the space for something else.


Right now, this has my attention.

Image Hosting by

Yep, working on basting it.

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Do you see the purple quilt top I was telling you about? The one I made last year. It will now be the backing for my umbrella quilt. So glad to finally use it for something. It had been folded for so long, I had to press out the wrinkles.

Well, that does it for me. Got to go plan my projects for October. I know I want to make up a couple Halloween things. Maybe a table runner. Also I want to use up more of my HST’s. 16 down. 1000 to go. Plus I want to finish up at least two UFO’s. Lots to do. Lots for you to see. BBL

OHHH… I forgot… do come back in a day or two. I feel a giveaway coming on. 😀

Take care. What Fall projects are you working on?

10 comments on “My September Roundup

  1. Tanya says:

    Wow Donna! You never cease to amaze me! When do you sleep? I have often wondered this. :<)
    Your umbrella quilt is beautiful!
    How did you make the circles? Was it with a special tool?
    Keep up the good work! You do a wonderful job!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Tanya, thanks so much for your comment. Yes, sometimes I DO sleep. LOL!! 😀

      I made the string blocks as normal, sewing one string at a time, sewing down to a 7″ muslin square. And then I centered a plate over it and trimmed around the circle. No special tools.

  2. LisaD says:

    Donna, your circle string blocks look like gorgeous Christmas ornaments. The mug rug looks great! LisaD in upstate NY

    • don_mae says:

      Thanks, Lisa. After reading your comment, I went off in search of fabric Christmas ornaments and you are right!! I could use my circles for ornaments. I could add a little square to the top to make a hanger. Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks for the awesome idea on what to do with my “string” material I have been making!! Never thought of circles…sew creative of you!!! You are sew ambitious with all your projects!!! I am working on getting the 8 quilts I made for Christmas gifts this year quilted, bound and labeled. 4 are quilted, 1 has the binding needing to be hand sewn down and 1 is waiting for a label. Trying to find backing fabric from my stash for the remaining 4 quilts is currently my stumbling block!!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Susan, thank you for your comment, really appreciate it.

      Sounds like you are going to be super busy finishing up all those quilt tops. Wow!! And I have that problem too. Not being able to find just the “right” backing. So they sit. Good luck with getting all of yours finished by Christmas.

  4. gabrielaquintana says:

    I was 33 on september! I want the Birthday Mug Rug for me! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Gaby, happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a special day. I can remember when I was 33. So long ago. 😀

      Send me your address. I will send the mug rug to you. Happy Birthday!!

      • gabrielaquintana says:

        Ha Ha, noo, it’ s ok. Thanks anyway!
        I can’t believe I ‘m already 33, although my hubby is 40, so I always feel young! ha ha ha 🙂

  5. Carol says:

    I always love to see what you are working on. Stringing Circles. I’m sure you have some creative unique use coming on!

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