Today Is Quilting Day

Well, it had to happen some time, right?

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I cleared off one banquet table and got started. Or so I thought. I FORGOT TO MAKE A BACK!! Silly me. Had to put the sewing machine back on the table. Had to piece the material for the backing since it was only 45″ wide. Duh…

I guess that is what happens when you haven’t quilted any large projects for a LONG time. You forget what to do.

Anyhoo… back taped to the table, basting spray and pins in hand.

Whew!! I am plum tuckered out just from all that. BUT I will start quilting this quilt top TODAY. I thought about straight lines but I think I am going to stipple it with medium sized puzzle pieces.

OH. Forgot to tell you. I added the 28 additional blocks several days ago. Quilt top now measures 62″ by 62″. 14 blocks across and 14 blocks down. 196 total.

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I slowly sewed along the diagonal lines and the white strips in the center matched up much better this time.

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I know I can still do better so I am figuring out how best to make the next ones. I am not trying for 100% perfection. Just trying to better my percentage.

I have been working on some other things, too. Will show you in a few days.

Hope you are staying busy with your projects. Working on anything for Fall?

Go here for the tutorial to make your own Hugs and Kisses quilt.