For-Ever-Green: Didn’t Want To Rush Christmas

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I have been wanting to make one of these quilted trees. Ever since I first saw them at Each with something I liked. But I wanted my points on the sides to look different. So I took what I liked and made my own. (I borrowed these photos from Links are at the bottom of this post.)

At first, the plan was to make a Quilted Christmas Tree.

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But the more I looked at it. With the red border and the red pom-pom garland… I was SO NOT READY for Christmas.

I decided my tree would be just a tree.

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An Evergreen. To hang on the wall. Or adorn a table top. All year. Without the desire or urgency to pack it away out of sight until the next Christmas season. Year round enjoyment.

Here’s how I made it.

First, I gathered up my green and beige scraps. Sorted through them looking for any scrap 2 1/2″ square or larger. Also flipped through my charm packets and pulled out any I could use. Lastly, I eyeballed my green and beige stash looking for what else I could use.

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After the discards (beiges too dark and greens too busy), I pressed out the wrinkles and started trimming. 3″ for Half-Square Triangles. 2 1/2″ for those not HST’s.

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For the HST’s, I didn’t do the “usual”. Didn’t draw a line down the center of the lighter square. Instead, I folded the 3″ beige squares in half and pressed.

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Then sewed one fourth inch seams on both sides of the creases.

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So easy. So much faster. I saw this tip somewhere on the internet. Can’t remember which site. So glad I found it.

Then came the fun part. Playing with the squares.

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Frequently rearranging, trying for a mix of colors and patterns. Being careful not to have the same pattern adjacent or too close by. My camera was a huge help. Looking at the placement through the lenses caught several would-be goofs.

OK. Moving along. Except for the bottom two rows with the tree trunk, I was ready to begin sewing. After sewing the upper part, I worked on the bottom. The trunk took up four spaces. (I rummaged through my brown scraps and found a fabric that resembled a tree trunk. I was delighted to find it. Left over from my Very First Quilt.)

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Deciding on which borders to use or IF I even wanted a border was an all day task. I auditioned about ten different fabrics. I tried all different border arrangements. Light on top of dark. Dark on top of light. But kept going back to this combination.

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That last fabric, the chevron… I purchased it over a year ago. But it sat and sat waiting for the right project. I love it with this quilt. For the binding.

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The back would be somewhat scrappy. I pieced together three sections of dark green leaves with a small section of avocado polka dots. Had just enough avocado to fit in that space.

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Whew!! OK!! Now, time to baste and quilt.

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Maybe I will make another tree when it gets closer to Christmas time. Have lots of ideas. Yo-yo’s, buttons. Even tiny ornaments.

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And I would REALLY like to make another Evergreen but with purple and lavender instead of beiges. I think that would be pretty. With smaller squares perhaps. OH!! What about a pillow!! So many ideas. Only two hands. 😀

Have you been thinking of Christmas/Holiday crafts?

Go here for more details on the quilted trees.

5 comments on “For-Ever-Green: Didn’t Want To Rush Christmas

  1. Kokopelli says:

    Love all the trees and your idea with a non-decorated tree to use all year round. Maybe you can pin a garland to it when Christmas comes.

  2. Margaret R says:

    I love this. It is really a very cute idea. I may have to whip one up. thanks for sharing.

  3. KurtzCrafts says:

    I have been shamefully eyeing all Christmas like crafts lately, My excuse is I have a vendor show to prepare for in December. lol

  4. don_mae says:

    Thank you, thank you.

    I finished my quilted tree today. Now I need to take photos. Coming up. Hope you will come back to see. 😀

  5. Michelle says:

    I made that same pattern a couple of years ago, but didn’t add any Christmas elements. Everyone still tells me it’s a Christmas quilt, though.

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