Margaret’s Hope Chest and Pillowcase Project Update

Six weeks ago I committed to making Ragged Square blocks for Margaret’s Hope Chest. They make quilts for children around the world in need. They even take requests for quilts for kid’s birthdays.

Image Hosting by
(I borrowed this photo from their website.)

I first heard of the project on AmandaJean’s (Crazy Mom Quilts) blog. She would be assisting with sewing the blocks together. The deadline was fast approaching and for some reason, in the back of my mind, I had been working on them. I saw them in my head. I saw me cutting the fabrics. I saw me sewing the blocks. Must have dreamed it. Cause they aren’t done!! Not even started!!

They needed to be sewn and mailed to Grand Rapids, Michigan by the end of this month.

So I started on them today. You know me. Queen Procrastinator. I think I do my best work with feet to the fire. And looking like a headless chicken running around.

Anyhoo… first thing I did… moved all the stuff off my craft tables so I could get started. I needed three squares for each block. 3 1/2″, 6 1/2″ and 9 1/2″. And the three needed to be in the same color family. Now you know from following my blog that I rarely work with just a single color. I love working with a variety of fabrics with lots going on. The busier, the better. So, trying to find three non-busy same color fabrics almost brought this project to a halt.

BUT after about an hour of playing sort and matchy matchy…

I think these will work. What do you think?

Image Hosting by

Pink, aqua and two shades of purple. Squares are cut and ready to sew. I tried to use some of my scraps but didn’t have pieces large enough. Did use a few for the smaller squares.

I think I will make two blocks from this orange group. And call it a day. Ten should do it.

Image Hosting by

Look at this one. It’s the first one I cut. I was thinking it would work. THEN I reread the instructions. So NOT going to work!! It isn’t monochromatic.

Image Hosting by

I’ll keep it for myself. I like it. And maybe make a few more. One day.

Go here to read all about the program and how you can help. Or maybe you just want the tutorial to make some of these blocks for yourself. So cute and looks easy.

Bookmark the site. Though the deadline for making these Ragged Squares is coming to a close, they are always in need of blocks/quilts/supplies.

Update on Sweet Dreams, my charity pillowcase project. Batch 5. Twenty-seven finished and ready to mail off.

Image Hosting by

This is my favorite in this batch. I made two alike. Royal blue fabric with dolphins. An ocean theme for the band. With navy, royal and red dots on white background for the body. Love it!!

Image Hosting by

I have seven more cut and ready to sew. Will save them for the next batch. For August.

Well, that does it for me. What have you been working on? Do tell.

9 comments on “Margaret’s Hope Chest and Pillowcase Project Update

  1. Paula Lee says:

    Nice blocks, I wish I had time to learn quilting. Working full time and a second job teaching really cuts into my creativity! But you keep me inspired. Where did ytou get the butterfly fabric on the purple block that you are keeping? I love it!

  2. Lennette says:

    I love the blocks Donna!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…your color choices are AWESOME and you inspire me to step outside of my comfort zone!!!

  3. don_mae says:

    Hi Paula Lee, thank you so much. I wish I had good news for you on where I purchased that fabric but it was included with a bunch of scrap pieces I bought on eBay about a year ago. One day, maybe after you retire, you will learn to quilt. Like I did. I love it.

    Hi Lennette, thank you, you are a doll!! What are you sewing/quilting?

  4. I just have to say…I am in awe of what a wonderful, informative and creative site you have here !! Just found you via a post of your Macrame Purse on Pinterest….It’s my lucky day !! I’m sharing your site with all my readers too ! Thank you ! Mary x

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Mary, welcome to my blog. Thanks so much for the compliments on my work. I love crafting!! Do hope to see you again.

  5. Paula Lee M. says:

    I have a bucket list a mile long for the retirement part. Your work is beautiful.

  6. Betty Lou says:

    You got your blocks finished——–time to spare. I checked Margaret’s Hope Chest and signed up as a Follower. Sounds like a good project to get involved with. Are the pillowcases for your own charity? I used to make pillowcases for Pillows of Love, but that chapter folded.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Betty Lou,

      I have 10 ragged blocks finished and another 10 in need of the little square trimmed from the back. Where I could, I made duplicates, which I will keep and make up my own ragged quilt. I am curious how the unfinished edges hold up in the washer and dryer.

      The pillowcases, so far, have gone to Enchanted Makeovers. They are a local charity doing wonderful things for mothers and their children.

      I plan to send some pillowcases to ConKerr and a few other organizations in need.

      Thanks for the question. I am working on a Page for my blog with details on my charity projects. Still in Draft mode. But should be posted in a few days. 😀

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