Patriotic Mug Rug… Is Finished!!

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That didn’t take long. I spent a couple hours making this mug rug today. The longest part was cutting the squares and after sewing them, trimming to exactly 3 1/2″. Even with my 3 1/2″ square little ruler and revolving cutting mat, it still took time and patience to get the squares cut right. I don’t do “points” well, hate flying geese, or whatever they are called. Only because I can’t seem to get the points lined up nicely. So I carefully trimmed the squares.

I think I did OK with these. May even give “on point” another try.

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I wanted to make a beverage cozy to go with the mug rug but ran out of time. Maybe I will put it on my To-Make list for later. It is one of those small projects I keep meaning to try.

This is what I used as inspiration to design my mug rug. Mine is more like a placemat. A little larger than the usual mug rug.

Starting with the large star half triangle in the upper left corner and two rows in diagonally. Then I just did the reverse coming down to the bottom right corner. I liked the original design and plan to make a few blocks per the pattern.

This is the back. Plain and simple.

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Hope my Swap Partner likes her Patriotic Mug Rug. I added a little something extra to make up for my tardy mailing. 😀

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13 comments on “Patriotic Mug Rug… Is Finished!!

  1. Jude says:

    G’day from Ohio, Donna! That’s a very patriotic mug rug. Good on ya for trying all these things. You do get better at points with practice. Keep at it. One day I’ll be turning up on your doorstep for a proper show’n’tell session. Would love to see all the lovely things you make …and you too, of course. Will be staying with the Ratbag again on this trip. Maybe visit Michigan again next trip. 😊

    • don_mae says:

      Hello there, Jude!! Visiting the US again, eh!! Good to hear from you. Always a delight to see a comment from you. Have a wonderful time traveling around the country. Say hi to Ratbag for me. Hope he is well. You will have to e-mail me some photos. Take care of yourself. 😀

  2. Betty Lou says:

    Your swap partner is sure to like her mug rug. Love that red, white and blue.

  3. Lennette says:

    It’s so awesome to see you trying all of these new things Donna! Your mug rug is so cute and I’m sure your swap partner is going to like it!!!

  4. Mary W says:

    Great job. I love how this turned out!

  5. Crystal says:

    Beautiful mug rug, Donna!
    I can picture it as a set of placemats, too.
    Wouldn’t a table with 4 of those be a summer picnic!?! What fun 🙂

  6. Deb says:

    When I first saw the back, for a second I thought you quilted the stars! *laughs* See? I think you’re crazy ambitious! hehe

    I just finished making the last of the zippered bags. Out of five yards of fabrics, I got 32 of them, fully lined. Now I hope they will sell on Saturday!

  7. Kokopelli says:

    Hm, so let’s see if it’s works posting now.

  8. Kokopelli says:

    Ha, it worked! YAY! So now I can say something about the post. Love the idea of mug rugs and saw a lot lately on different blogs. I often have friends for a cup of coffee at my home, so mug rugs would be nice. Also good for gift I think.

  9. Ronda says:

    Donna, your blog site is awesome! The mug rug is sooo cute! Be careful…there will come a day when you might say you even love “flying geese”! LOL!

  10. don_mae says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

    Dagi, glad the problem with not being able to comment has been fixed.

    Ronda, thank you so much. Do hope you will come again.

    Crystal, I was thinking that too. A set of four.

    Debra, good luck with your sales at the parade on Saturday. Break a leg!!

    I got the notice from the post office that my box was delivered to my Swap Partner. Hope she likes it!!

    Thanks again, everyone. 😀

  11. Linda B. says: Donna check out this video on making flying geese..Oh so easy peasy!! Linda B.

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