Working From The “List”… Grommets and Postage Stamps

Thought I would show you what I have been working on for the last couple days.

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One project, my Postage Stamp lap quilt, is going to be a works-in-progress for a LONG time. I checked back on my records (I keep track of everything I make) and it was in February this year that I made the 1st panel. 21 squares/21 rows measuring 22″ x 22 1/2″. I wrote that it took 2 days to cut the little squares (1 1/2″) and another day to sew them together.

This is how Panel #1 looks.

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Now, fast forward four months, to the present. It is amazing what a person can learn in a short period of time. Using the Bingo method of sewing squares in rows, I shortened the time frame to 4.5 hours.

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Only took me 15 minutes per row this time compared to all day. I am “clicking my heels” happy.

This is what Panel #2 looks like. (On the right.)

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I still have to sew the strips together but I carefully sewed 1/4″ seams so squares should align and match up. Too bad the length will be so much shorter. Wouldn’t it be great to not lose inches? The sewn one is on the left. 😦

For now, I am crossing this off my MAY To-Do list. I’ll pick it up again when I get the urge. For sure I will make panels 3 and 4 so the red squares will form a diamond pattern in the center. Who knows when I will finish but I will work on it more in a few weeks.

Now… on to the Handbag with Grommets.

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I am really excited about working with them. Will be my first. I am going to do a practice run first on some scraps just to be sure I have enough fabric to hold them secure. Don’t want to mess this up. I pieced together these fabrics from the pillowcase leftover strips. No pattern. Just making it up as I go. I am hoping to get it finished in a couple days.

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Can’t wait to see how the straps will look running through the grommets. I have a few ideas. Maybe tied on the ends like a bandana. Or with a removable/adjustable belt buckle. Still deciding but I do plan to use the rust colored Paws fabric.

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So, that’s what I have been working on.

What are you working on? Are you planning any red/white/blue projects?


8 comments on “Working From The “List”… Grommets and Postage Stamps

  1. Carol says:

    I don’t think I have enough room to make one of those little block quilts, but yours sure looks great. I’ll be interested to see what you make with the browns/rust fabric. I love grommets. I used to use them a lot in the 70s. They make great embellishments on a purse front too.

    • don_mae says:

      Thanks, Carol. I am just about finished with the handbag (with grommets). So far, it is coming out just as I planned. And I have an idea for something small using them. Working on mapping it out on paper.

  2. Nancy Clements says:

    I love your quilt! But I am confused, what is the bingo method of sewing the squares together?

  3. Wow what skills and patience! It is beautiful. This is one skill I never stuck with, sewing. Guess being in a big rig all those years really didn’t help. Love your work thanks for sharing.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi there, thanks much!!

      I just recently picked up sewing again. Hadn’t sewn in YEARS. I am really enjoying it. Maybe one day you will try your hand at it again. What crafts do you do?

  4. SideCapers Macrame says:

    I have awarded you the “One Lovely Blog Award”.
    This blog site and your enthusiasm are unbelievable. You are into so many things. I think it is wonderful.
    Thank you again
    Sidecapers Macrame

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