Planning A Faux Chenille Baby Quilt…

But first, an update on Sweet Dreams (my charity pillowcase project).

Seven more pillowcases completed in the last three days.

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I am really happy with these. And it feels great working with fabric that has been sitting in its color bin, taking up space.

This blue and yellow one quickly became my new fav as I was making it. So happy looking. Festive. Like a party going on in a pillowcase.

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And then I started working with this red fabric. I bought it on sale some time ago but hadn’t used it. It is called Happy Homemaker by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman, 1930’s Era Designs.

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Two little girls sweeping. Brooms and dustpans. So retro. I had pulled yellow to pair with it but at the last minute changed to navy polka dots. As soon as I sewed on the band, I knew it would replace my prior favorite.

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OMGosh!! I like it. I LOVE it. So much so that I made a pillowcase for a doll.

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Sorry, My Designated Charity, but these two are going in my Etsy Shop. I’ll make more for you. Promise. 😀

For Week 2, I made 16 pillowcases. Miles ahead of my One A Day obsession commitment. So far ahead that I am going to take a break from making pillowcases and work on something on my Small Projects List. I am going to make a Faux Chenille baby quilt. It has been on my bucket list for a while now.

Ever since Debra, at Deb’s Losing It, sent me this link.

She said she thought of me when she saw it. It DID look like something I would make!! So, off I went in search of more details. How to make it, what fabrics to use and what tools were needed. I immediately found the tools on eBay for a song. I grabbed them.

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My creative juices overflowed with ideas. But by the time I got the chenille cutter in the mail, my excitement had moved on to something else. 😀

But the time has come. It is Chenille Time. I will make a tester first. Not a full sized baby quilt. A doll quilt. Just to make sure I have the layers correctly placed. And mainly to make sure the colors shine through as intended.

I cut the fabric yesterday. 17″ by 15″. Here you can see what I selected.

Image Hosting by

More so for the colors. Colors are more important than the fabric choices. At least for the sandwiched layers. That is why I carefully selected some fabrics with color saturation on the wrong side.

Now comes the fun part. The sewing. Diagonal lines. Then I get to use the Chenille Cutter thingy to create the chenille.

Wish me luck!! Hope I don’t end up with a Hot Mess!!

Have you tried making a Faux Chenille craft? How did it turn out?

I found lots of help on the net.

2 comments on “Planning A Faux Chenille Baby Quilt…

  1. Deb says:

    hehe I forgot all about this one until you mentioned it the other day and now here. Can’t wait to see it!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Debra, I finished the little doll one. My only regret is that I wish I had swapped the top fabric for the bottom. Can’t wait to see what happens after washing and drying.

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