Making Progress On My Pillowcases

I read somewhere that a pillowcase can be made in Nine Minutes. Not!!

Maybe after the fabric has been selected, washed, ironed, straightened up, measured, cut and assembled. Probably closer to one hour per pillowcase. Longer for me since I like to take my time to admire my handiwork. Make one. Look at it for hours. 😀

Anyhoo… I am making progress. I have four completed. Five in various stages of completion.

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And two piles of soon-to-be-pillowcases.

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I am donating these pillowcases to an organization I found through American Patchwork and Quilting’s site. APQ has a list of groups in need and I wanted to support a local group. I selected Enchanted Makeovers.

I was inspired by their mission statement, yearly goals and their dream lists. Though they are local to me, their reach and help extends across state boundaries.

My plan is to initially make a dozen pillowcases. Half for girls and half for boys. And get they delivered by the end of this week. And then, I will carve out some time weekly to make a few here and a few there. And once I have another dozen made, I will send off the second batch.

I have all sorts of pillowcase ideas. Holidays. Make Halloween ones. Christmas ones. You can never have too many pillowcases!!

If you would like to put a smile on a child’s face and make a pillowcase, go here for the details.

Also see the link below for a list of groups/organizations accepting pillowcases. You may wish to contact them first, like I did, to make sure the information provided is current.