Another Zip Bag… With Scissors

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I bought so much fabric last year that I can’t even remember what I have. My eyes light up when I see a piece I had forgotten all about. Like this burgundy “scissors” fabric. I knew I had the Moda scissors in white, black and bright orange.

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So, when I saw the burgundy (Cranston Print Works) under layers of other fabric, you should have seen me jumping for joy. They would be my next zip bag.

This one is a little different than the first two. I added some embellishments.

  • Black polka dot grosgrain ribbon
  • Huge black/white/burgundy buttons
  • Ball and chains

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I know, I know. I have said it many times. But I am loving this one too.

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Here are more photos I took.

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Can’t you just see a larger version of this. Maybe one with snaps instead of a zipper.

Do you like working with zippers? They are kind of pricey, aren’t they? Where do you get yours?

I am going to make two more little zip bags and then I will spend some time with my umbrella blocks. Need to decide on mini quilt, lap quilt or bed sized.

Go here for tutorial to make your own little zippy bag.

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18 comments on “Another Zip Bag… With Scissors

  1. Claudette says:

    Absolutely fab!!

  2. Karen says:

    I love the bag. The fabrics you used are awesome. You send the bag to me if you want. LOL. Great finish.

  3. marion says:

    I love your bag 🙂 I buy my zippers from zipit on etsy. The last batch I bought ended up being about 34 cents a piece with shipping 🙂

  4. sdaurio says:

    Great bag! I just love that feeling when you found something totally awesome in your stash that you completely forgot about, just too much fun!

  5. QuiltnMama says:

    I’ve NEVER sewn a zipper into anything but for a bag that cute I’ll have to give them a try!

  6. gabrielaquintana says:

    oooh very very nice! Always useful for ladies!

  7. Deb says:

    The first one was cute, but I LOVE this one! This would make a great gift to someone who does hair I think.

    • don_mae says:

      It would!!

      • Deb says:

        I think I am going to try to make one of these sometime in the next week or so. 🙂

      • don_mae says:

        You could make a couple with your dress fabrics. That would be cute.

        (I forgot to say, thank you) 😀

      • Deb says:

        I was thinking of using some of the “posh” pieces I have that I bought from somewhere that aren’t big enough on their own for anything… I’ve got quite a bit of different satiny type fabrics in various earthy tones.

  8. Janet K says:

    How awesome is this bag in scissors? I love it. Also buy zippers from Zipit on etsy – it’s a great shop!

  9. Sara says:

    Totally fun and cool!!

  10. Donna Stark says:

    WOW!! Love that bag Donna. You are always so full of ideas!
    Keep up the good work!

  11. This bag is so pretty. I love the fabrics that you used and the way you embellished with buttons.

  12. Sarah C. says:

    How cute is that bag? I love the scissors – and your embellishments are perfect! Whoop whoop!!

  13. don_mae says:

    Thank you, everyone. Love reading your comments!!

    I will have another little zippered bag to show you tomorrow. I have been experimenting with zipper insertion and have a look I am finally happy with.

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