It’s REVEAL Time… Look What I Made With My Bead Soup!!

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What fun!! I had a blast coming up with necklace ideas. And I tried them all. I used Soft Flex beading wire because I knew it would retain its shape through all of my experimenting.

I didn’t take photos of each idea I tried. Just a couple. These I liked but after photographing them, I felt they were “overkill.”

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So I took them apart and started over. And that was yesterday, LOL!!

This was my last design. It seemed more balanced.

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I turned this seed bead necklace into a wrap bracelet with a peyote bail. I also made a fun charm bracelet with the leftover beads using macrame cord and chain links but the photo came out blurred.

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I knew I wanted to make at least one pair of earrings, so I set aside these two green beads and the gold spacer beads. They are cute. And lightweight.

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Lisa at Pine Ridge Treasures, my bead partner, will be happy to know I used every single bead she sent. Even added a few of my own, keeping with her color palette.

In case you can’t remember what all she sent, here is a photo. The BEFORE. There’s Picture Jasper, Fire Agate, Porcelain/Ceramic, Sari Silk and a really pretty Melinda Orr clasp.

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Avocado is a color that looks great on me, if I say so myself. I have always enjoyed wearing it. And fire agate. I have quite a bit of it in my own stash. So this Bead Soup was tailor made for me.

Can’t wait to see what all she made with the Bead Soup I sent her. I want you to see it too. So you will have to go to her site for a look see. In fact, there are 200 jewelry designers participating. For sure, plenty of pretty and unique designs. Jewelry Eye Candy to die for.

But first… visit Lisa’s blog and also her shop. She makes beautiful jewelry. I really enjoyed chatting with her during this process. And don’t forget to leave a comment.

For all of the details and list of participants, go to Lori Anderson’s blog, Pretty Things Blog. Maybe next year you will participate.

Let the Blog Hop Party begin. Have fun.

Thanks for hosting, Lori. You made it fun and kept us all informed.

70 comments on “It’s REVEAL Time… Look What I Made With My Bead Soup!!

  1. Kashmira says:

    Looooooveeee this! Especially the bracelet, simple yet sooo elegant! And the necklace is so chic!

  2. Oh, these are gorgeous!!! 🙂

  3. Carmel says:

    Great bracelet. I agree with Kashmira -simple and elegant.

  4. says:

    I love the necklace
    I’m a partecipant from Italy, I’m trying to visit all of you.
    this was really a great experience!
    ciao ciao

  5. Joanne says:

    Just one word…. Gorgeous! 🙂 x

  6. Donna – Every piece you made is just beautiful. I like the final pieces the best, esp the necklace! I also like the way you used the spiral avocado colored beads in the earrings. It was fun being your partner. The soup you sent me was very generous. Hope to see you in future blog parties!

  7. Pretty pieces. Love the bracelet!

  8. Lyn Foley says:

    Think you did very well with your soup mix, and like what you decided on in the end, including the multi strand bracelet.

  9. Love all of your creations! I think your bracelet is wonderful!

  10. Michelle W says:

    Oh my!!! Such lovliness!!! I absolutley love the necklace and the peyote bail bracelet! Beautiful designs!!!!

  11. I love your final necklace design and the seed bead bracelet is very cool. Great job!

  12. Ewa says:

    Beautiful works ! Fantastic !

  13. This is all so pretty! I actually really like the first design, too! It’s got flow and it’s unique. I love how you combined the clasp and the pendant — all the prettiness up front!

    I hope you’ll join me again in the summer!

  14. Kristen says:

    I love the clasp/pendant combo the best. I am glad you had fun!

  15. Sandra Young says:

    I love this too. That bracelet looks fun to wear, the necklace is so elegant and the earrings, well I’d wear them all the time!

  16. Alice says:

    Everything is just lovely , but my favorite is that gorgeous seed bead wrap bracelet!

  17. CraftyHope says:

    I love that you did so much experiment to make your design ‘just right’. While your first attempts were really fun and interesting, I see what you mean about the balance. And, I do prefer your end result. As well, that bracelet is subtle and pretty, definitely something I would wear. Wonderful job overall!

  18. Great job Donna – I love the way you used the beads you received from Lisa. The necklace is absolutely gorgeous, and the way you combined the colors is perfect. The peyote-clasp bracelet blows my mind, as I’m just getting into seed beading, and you’ve inspired me to try that technique out in one of my own designs. Beautiful job! 🙂

  19. Marjolein says:

    Lovely muted coloured beads in your soup. You made lovely things with them, Well done!!

  20. Wendy says:

    Your designs are so pretty! Really love the colors and textures on the first necklace! Great job! 🙂

  21. That is one ambitious effort that paid off. I am totally loving where you were going with your first necklace and those wild seed bead loops – mad love. Also, love that wrap bracelet – super sophisticated and contemporary.

  22. I like an idea that you started with,…..may be next time.Great look overall!!!

  23. Cory says:

    Love, Love Love the first necklace….great design

  24. Barbara says:

    I love how the peyote bail is functional by holding all the strands together and I love the little star as an unexpected touch of sweetness in the necklace!

    Nice idea to photograph you work in progress….I may have to try that as a design aid!

  25. Jo Tinley says:

    I really like how you’ve used the clasp at the front of the necklace, but the bracelet is definitely my favourite – I’d wear it every day!

  26. snazzy doodle says:

    You made such wonderful pieces. I love how you used the focal and the clasp at the front of the necklace. But I really love that bracelet!

  27. Ann Sherwood says:

    Great collection. I really like the bracelet, such a great way of using those beads. I’m also impressed by the fact that you were able to get all the way through photographing and then started over with wonderful results in a short amount of time. Congrats!

  28. Karen Hess says:

    Super soup creations! Especially love your bracelet!

  29. Mariposa says:

    I love what you made with your beads!
    The necklace pendant is just gorgeous!

  30. Deb says:

    love what you have done with your beads….

  31. Love it, loved how you showed your trials and process!

  32. Seems you have a lot of fun ;0) The end products are adorable, but I like the first desgin of your necklace too. And I’m a fan of this wonderful bracelet with the peyote clasp. I’m sure that’s very comfortable to wear and an eye-catcher too.

  33. Beautiful jewellery! I like how you used different colours on the two sides of the necklace. And love the simplicity of the multi-strand bracelet.

    I liked seeing the different incarnations, seeing some of the process behind the final design.

    Great job!

  34. Deb says:

    Love this set, but really feeling that bracelet for some reason. The multi-strand stuff always gets me. 🙂 Really love the green doughnut beads in the necklace. The colors are really nice together.

    I finally got to wear the black and rose set I got from you ages ago last night. Just didn’t have the right things to wear them with since we rarely have reason to dress up and since Sashi is so wild, I’m afraid to wear earrings around the house with her. I just keep seeing my earlobe getting torn when she jumps up and grabs for them… eek!

  35. Menka Gupta says:

    It was so nice to see the pictures of your designs in process. All of them are so beautiful…love the second design a lot. The seed bead bracelet is also very pretty…falling in love with the Avocado color 🙂

  36. Very cute pieces! I really like the bracelet.

  37. I’m mad for that wrap bracelet – what a great design!!

  38. I love the necklace, I think it is perfectly balanced. The bracelet is just my style, I would love wearing your designs. Great job! Cheers!
    Lori D.

  39. don_mae says:

    Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments on my Bead Soup items. I have spent the last year learning to quilt and neglected my precious beads. It felt great getting back in it.

    Last night I made several of the seed bead wrap bracelets. Will take photos to show you.. soon.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog and posting a comment. I enjoyed each one.

    And I do hope you will return to help me celebrate the 4th anniversary of my blog on 3-9-12. Lots of give-aways!!

  40. Vicki says:

    Wow! Love your results!

  41. Oh I love your necklace! The clasp in front works so well as a focal to the pendant.

  42. Cece says:

    That wrap bracelet is wonderful.

  43. Sarah C. says:

    How beautiful! I love what you finally ended up with – and it’s nice to see something other than quilting on Whoop Whoop Friday!! Thanks for linking up!!

  44. Kristen says:

    What you ended up with is beautiful! Love that color green as well! Great job!

  45. Crystal says:

    Wow, Donna!
    Pure gorgeousness!!!!!
    Those are not my go-to colors, but everything is so pretty – you have me reconsidering my wardrobe!

  46. Kat says:

    the necklace is very very pretty I love it. that should look good with lots of tops because of the colors. Have a great day

  47. Dana says:

    I absolutely love that you turned the clasp into a part of the focal! Turned out beautifully and it was fun reading about your process too.

  48. I love what you did with your bead soup. Beautiful design.

  49. Your bracelet is my favorite piece too. Great work on all your pieces though. I love the trying a new project each month idea. I did something like that for a while, but I’d wind up spent months to a year on each one.

  50. Lisa Michele says:

    Really like your the clasp placement..:) All the pieces are very nice!
    Bracelet is very cool! Fun

  51. All of your work is beautiful but what a great bracelet! I may have to try that little peyote bail trick.

  52. I LOVE THAT BRACELET! Well, it is actually a bangle, isn’t it?! Whatever! I LOVE IT!!! All of the colors in your creations are just beautiful, and the earrings rock!

  53. Connie says:

    Your work is really beautiful! Love the bracelet!

  54. Love, love, love the necklace. I would have never thought to use the toggle and focal together like that – brilliant.

  55. Adlinah says:

    I think you made a lovely complementary set of jewellery. I like the bracelet too – those little green seed beads are a beautiful shade of green. Wonderful work!

  56. Cindy says:

    Donna, you are incredibly multi-talented as both a jewelry designer and a quilter! Your necklace is gorgeous…and to think you started over at one point. I know that is so hard to do when you’ve put in a lot of time on a piece! I absolutely love the bracelet with the peyote bail – it is incredible!

  57. KJ says:

    Love the multi-strand seed bead bracelet – such a clever idea!

  58. Stacey says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that wrap bracelet! Truly the coolest!

  59. Andra says:

    I love the wrap bracelet! Do you just love doing peyote bails? I think your set is going to be great fun to wear!

  60. Everything is just gorgeous. I really like Necklace Trial #2 as well. Love the look of that bracelet. Forgive me if I missed it, but does it just slip over your hand or fasten another way. Love everything and I too used every single bead adding only 8-10 seed beads from my own stash and a charm. Great job!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Jean, first let me thank you for posting your comment.

      And, yes, my wrap bracelet slips over your hand. I decided to add a second peyote bail directly opposite the first one to tame the wrapped strands. I am having fun making them and am now on the 6th one. I need to take photos and get them posted. Thanks for the question.

  61. I love how you used Melinda Orr’s toggle clasp, your necklace is very lovely. It has a lot of eye appeal.

  62. don_mae says:

    Thanks again, everyone, for your wonderful comments on my work.

    Don’t know about you, but I am STILL making the rounds to look at all the loveliness. So much talent and beautiful creations. I am in awe at the amount of wirewrapping.

  63. Kat BM says:

    putting the clasp in front is the correct decision, it’s so darn pretty! and I agree your design is nicely balanced!

  64. Oooh, such lovely set: I love your final design of the necklace, it is the best. The bracelet is the most fun I’ve seen so far – so simple and delicate, lovely idea!

  65. Sandi Volpe says:

    Gorgeous work, I really love the necklace!!

  66. Sonya Stille says:

    I love the entire set you created. How wonderful that you were able to use all of the beads you received. Beautiful!

  67. […] /* */ It’s REVEAL Time… Look What I Made With My Bead Soup!! […]

  68. Lori says:

    Still hopping, still trying to get to everyone…love your necklace and that bracelet is so simple and so cute…nice job!

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