Attic Window And Update on Red-Black Project

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This is another block I have wanted to try. Attic Window. There are several ways to construct the “window” effect. The hard way and the quick way.

I used this tutorial to make mine.

Not the Y seam one. The easier one. One day I will try the harder one but for now, I am perfectly happy with this one. More on this block later. I am still working on what it will be. But I can tell you, the black, white and red 1 1/2″ squares will be used.

And speaking of my red/black/white squares…

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It took me two days to sew all the squares into rows and then the rows into one big block. 21 squares per row. 21 rows = 441 squares.

To eliminate the need to backstitch the beginning and endings of the 1 1/2″ squares, I decreased my stitch length. The seams held well and didn’t unravel as I sewed the squares together. Then when I sewed the rows together, I switched back to the default stitch length. This worked really well. No backstitching or lockstitching.

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It measures 22″ by 22″ so far without any borders.

Now I have to decide do I want to make another block exactly like this one. The little squares are already cut. May as well, huh? I like how it is turning out.


2 comments on “Attic Window And Update on Red-Black Project

  1. Dorothy says:

    Have you tried the fusable material with the 2 inch blocks printed on it? Awesome and so easy to iron the 2 inch block onto it in what ever pattern you like then turn it over and stitch 1/4 in seam down each row and there you have it! Perfect corners. Almost like cheating!!

  2. don_mae says:

    Hi Dorothy, no I haven’t, what a great idea!!

    I have been thinking there must be a better way to sew these tiny little things. I was thinking of sewing the squares onto a white muslin foundation, one right after the other. And then for the 2nd row, overlap the top to the upper bottom a tad. Then when finished, sew a seam to connect the rows together. Hmmm… not sure how this will work but it’s worth a try.

    Thanks much for your suggestion. I will check into it.

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