5 Years And Hardly Know You

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For the last few days I have been reading my Janome 10001 Memory Craft sewing machine manual and watching the video that came with it. I know I watched the video 5 years ago but some of the bells and whistles are just becoming clearer and making sense now.

First off, I have been saying Janome all wrong. I had been pronouncing it Ja (like you would start off saying jug), NO, Me. That is not how they say it at all. In the video it sounds like they are saying Ja (like jaw) No May.

The reason I dusted off the manual was because I wanted to know more about the twin needle function. How to thread, what to use it for. Also I wanted to know how to download embroidery patterns.

Along the way, I found out I could blanket stitch applique pieces. Even found out I could lock stitch the last stitches when I come to the end. I had been backstitching and sometimes making a bunched up mess. I spent quite a bit of time experimenting with my embroidery screen prompts. My machine can do WAY MORE than I thought.

If you are like me, reading a manual to ANYTHING is right up there with scheduling a root canal. I Hate It!! But usually after finally taking the time, it ends up being so worth it. Time well spent. Hopefully I will be showing you some of my newly learned knowledge soon.

And time to dust these off too. I bought all of this embroidery stuff when I bought my sewing machine. I made a couple of practice pieces and used the Sulky spray adhesive. The rest… just collecting dust… somewhere. Got to go find them.

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How about you? What did you “wing” and not bother reading the manual? Did you ever go back to read it?