One Quilt Finished And Another Started

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I finished my Red Hot Chili Peppers Spool Block Quilt. I machine sewed the binding. I am getting used to how a machine sewn binding looks. Flat on the top. But wider looking which I like.

It is larger than the first one. Nine spool blocks for this one.

This is how I made the back.

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I was going to be lazy and just do all one fabric but didn’t have one piece large enough. So had to do a pieced back.

And the binding I wanted to use… the white with black speckles… didn’t have enough of that one either. Only had one Fat Quarter left.

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So went with this black with white swirls instead. I think it looks OK. Just the “pop” it needed. Not too much. Just right.

Quilt measures 35″ by 37″. Colors are cranberry, forest green, white and black.

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This is my favorite photo. Stippling. Oh how I love you!!

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When I am stippling, I feel so free. Free to go left, right, wiggle around. Go whichever direction I want. But always thinking ahead about an exit strategy. Don’t want to be boxed in or cross over any stitches. I flip over the back every few minutes looking for tension issues. So glad I took the time to watch numerous videos on how to stipple.

I love the crinkled look.

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And DONE!!

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You can read more details on how I made it here.

Go here for the Freda’s Spool Block tutorial.

My next project…

Since it took several days to make and finish the Red Hot Peppers quilt, I wanted my next project to be something I didn’t have to “think” about. Or worry about. Just sew. Strip by strip. It is a quilt-as-you-go table runner. I saw the directions somewhere on the net. Have to find the site so I can link to it.

For now, this is where I am.

Fabrics gathered.

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Back decided on and sewn along the batting top edge.

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And a few strips sewn and pressed.

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The PRESSING is a pain. PITA!! But it is necessary to have a straight seam before adding the next strip. So, I will be Slow and Steady.

Update 12-23-11: Found the site.

4 comments on “One Quilt Finished And Another Started

  1. Quilty says:

    Woo-hoo! You’re most certainly a quilter, Donna! 😀
    I have used more than one fabric in the binding before and it can look just great if chosen carefully to suit your quilt.
    Love the backing fabric for your next quilt. Will be eager to see how it works out.
    And just in case I don’t get back here before next Sunday, here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Hope Santa is good to you, and you don’t eat too much (haha, ho-ho-ho!)

    • don_mae says:

      Hi ya, Quilty. That’s a great idea!! I am using that technique for my latest table runner.

      Thanks so much. And Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a blessed new year.

  2. Val E. Wales, UK says:

    Hi Donna, I really look forward to each posting. Thank you – your energy and enthusiasm is starting to spark off my love of sewing again !! Life has got in the way in recent years – but whether I could ever develop your (seemingly) effortless ability is another matter. Never done quilting – mostly dressmaking, tailoring, applique and craft-type hand stitching and mixed media…… could I convert, I wonder, to create even a small quilt?? MMMmm…. lets see what the New Year brings. Meanwhile, wishing you and yours much joy throughout the festive season – Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Yeas 2012!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Val, thanks so much for following my blog. Really appreciate it.

      When I started quilting, that was all I brought to the table. My prior sewing clothing experience. That’s it. I sewed most of my clothes as a teen-ager. And then as an adult, just made a few things for around the house and mended stuff. So… you bring lots more than I did. You will do wonderful at quilting, I am sure. Try it!! Merry Christmas to you too. A have a blessed New Year!!

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