Quilting Edge-To-Edge, No Binding

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You don’t always need a binding. Some designs can be sewn edge-to-edge.

Like this one. Nice and sharp looking.

I sandwiched the layers. Batting, top fabric and lining. Pinned it all with right sides of fabrics facing each other. Started sewing on one end, leaving an opening large enough for my hand to slip in. To eliminate any possible puckering where the three blocks connect in the corners, I added three stitches before proceeding to sew down along the sides.

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I have one rule before trimming. Give it the once over FIRST. So I turned the table runner inside out.

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It looked OK so I turned it back to outside in. Reinforced the stitching by retracing the stitching. Then trimmed the seams. Turned it back inside out, pressed it, hand stitched the opening closed.

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And now ready to quilt….

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Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

When I finish quilting, I look for the starting and finishing threads. I bury them inside the quilt layers so there are no dangling threads. I didn’t do this on my first few quilts. I didn’t know what to do so I tied the threads into knots and trimmed the knots. So… my first quilted items looked a hot mess from the back, less than stellar. I have learned a LOT since January 2011 when I first learned to quilt.

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And done!!

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I made the matching gold ribbon bow from the mustard polka dot fabric. Reindeer came from the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Got it for just one dollar!! What a deal!! I love that store.

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3 comments on “Quilting Edge-To-Edge, No Binding

  1. Lillian Dummer says:

    Very nice I am going to try that. I like it very much.

    Merry Christmas to You and your Husband.

  2. amandajean says:

    thanks for your tips on flipping…i’m going to turn and skip the binding step on a tumbler quilt. it’s got me a little nervous, so i appreciate your hints!

    thanks for linking up!

  3. Heather says:

    So cute! And nice to be able to skip the binding now and then, for sure! 🙂

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