Jeweltone Quilt Top: New Layout and DONE!!

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All done and ready to make the back and then quilt.

This is the new layout. Single rows of 12 scrap blocks each.

I tried all the colors before deciding on the avocado borders. Liked it best.

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And then decided to make a color strip border just for the left and right sides using all polka dots and dotted swiss fabrics.

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The five inch strips looked far and wide between colors so I cut them in half and went with 2 1/2″ instead. Separated by 1 1/2″ black polka dots.

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The smaller ones look so much better.

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Here’s the completed quilt top. 15 rows. Green, gold, turquoise, red, blue, burgundy and purple. Colors repeat once and ends with a 3rd green row.

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I have been working on this quilt on and off for a month. 180 blocks @ 15 minutes (average) per scrap block = 45 hours. And that was just for the scrap blocks!!

For the back, I will use some leftover blocks and large pieces of the dotted fabrics. And with the quilt top being so full of color, I will use black for the binding. Right now it measures 64″ by 80″. It was made from about 98% scraps since I did cut some strips from my stash and used about a dozen 6″ charm squares to chop up.

So glad it is finally finished. That was a LOT of work. But I did enjoy working on it.

Now I can start on something new. Still with scraps though. I made a dent in my scraps but still need to reduce them more. And mainly, I like how I have no fear whatsoever in combining all different types of prints. I would never have created this look working with just my stash. With scraps, you don’t mind experimenting. It is already a scrap. No harm if you don’t like it. Take it apart and return it to the scrap bin.

So… what are you working on?

Do you have a lot of scraps? Are you working to reduce them or just letting them pile up? πŸ˜€

6 comments on “Jeweltone Quilt Top: New Layout and DONE!!

  1. Val Edwards says:

    Wow, Donna, I have followed your creative journey to the end and think your finished quilt is a masterpiece!! The Aqua-Turqoise panel made me salivate!! reminiscent of tropical seas and islands and your colour choices and blends put me in mind of stained glass windows in old churches. How can you follow that ??? ( not a challenge!) I really look forward to your next project…

    • don_mae says:

      Thank you, Val, very much.

      I am thrilled you have been following along. I was surprised how much I liked the aqua/turquoise scrap blocks. I plan to work more with those colors. My quilt reminds me of windows too. I have another idea for more blocks. Can’t wait to get started. But first I have to get the doll quilts off my brain. A few more…. πŸ˜€

  2. You know, Donna, this project turned out really cool. I used to have a sewing project going all them time when my daughter was small. I made almost all her clothes for many years and a lot of them as she grew up. I never kept scraps back then, but I have a lot of fabrics in my stash. Just this past week I was thinking I should sew them into some kind of stripped quilt. Your scrappy work sure has me thinking!

    Hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving.
    xx, Carol

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Carol and thank you so much. I have sewn for many years too and threw out my scraps also. Who knew!! LOL!! I still have tons of scraps left. I guess you never actually do use them all up. They just keep accumulating. I hope you make a stripped quilt. Have fun!!

  3. Crystal says:

    It TRULY is a masterpiece, Donna!
    A rainbow of gorgeous-ness! πŸ˜€

    • don_mae says:


      Thanks much, Crystal. I have it hanging in one of the spare bedrooms. And every time I look at it, I can’t believe the number of hours it took.

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