Scrappy Week 2: Ends With Blue

Week 2 was busy but short. Had to take a few days off crafting for personal traveling. And the whole time I was away I was thinking about my scrap block project. Those finished. Those still to make. And what all I plan to create from them.

Before I left, I had a handful of blue scrap blocks completed. And I have to admit… I didn’t think all those blues would make a pleasing block. Surprise. Surprise!! So far, I like them. I made more yesterday. For a total of 50.

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My favorites…

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.comImage Hosting by PictureTrail.comImage Hosting by

Blue is about half finished. Definitely will take more time. I am thinking another day. And even then, I will still have quite a bit left. (I am itching to begin on my favorite color. BROWN. 😀 )

The layout for Scrap Quilt #1 will be two rows of 12 scrap blocks per color. Sewn together with sashing. These are finished. Purple, green and red.

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I wasn’t happy with the lack of dots on the avocado center sashing. So I recut it on the bias. Much better, don’t you think?

Image Hosting by

New, cut on the bias.

Image Hosting by

Old, cut straight.

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These (wine/burgundy) need the middle sashing. I didn’t have wine polka dots so had to search the net. Found a color I am hoping will work. Just waiting for it to arrive. I will use this fabric as a second option if the new one doesn’t work out.

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The golds and yellows?? Not sure what I will use for the middle sashing. I have bright yellow polka dots but no gold and haven’t been able to find an exact gold polka dot fabric. I have seen metallic but not what I want. I need a dark mustard color. If anyone knows where I can find it in 100% cotton, let me know.

Once I get all color sets sewn together, I will start arranging the strips on my design wall. I am leaning toward one quilt with bright colors and one with earthtone colors.

What projects have you made from all scraps? Do tell…..


6 comments on “Scrappy Week 2: Ends With Blue

  1. Lennette says:

    I absolutely LOVE how your sashing brought all of your scrap blocks together!!! You picked the perfect combinations for your sashing!!!!! I can’t wait to see your finished project!!!!

  2. don_mae says:

    Hi Lennette. You know I love polka dots!! I am excited and can’t wait to finish it too. Thanks.

  3. Donna, those are really COOL! I’ll have to visit more often for inspiration to get off my duff and get the quilts made for my grandbabies. (I have two more…OFFICIALLY!!)

    • don_mae says:

      Yay!! Hi Shan. Thanks!!

      Yes, do join me and share in the fun. Two more grandbabies. Wow!! You are going to be super busy. Congrats!!

  4. I knew I’d love those blues!!

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