Scrappy Week 2: Jeweltone Quilt

With all the 4 1/2″ scrap blocks accumulating in little bags all around me…

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I decided to lay them out on my work table. I tried different arrangements but didn’t like any of them except this one. And you know how much I LOVE POLKA DOTS. Makes sense I would use them to connect the blocks. Right!!

Quilt will measure approximately 70″ by 80″. 24 scrap blocks per color strip plus the sashing measures 15″ across.

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I am thinking five colors should do it. Any more and it would be too large for me to manage. To stabilize all the seams underneath, I am going to sew either straight lines or wavy lines down each strip before doing the quilting. Using matching thread. And then quilt with diagonal lines or stippling. Should be interesting.

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Not sure what I will use for sashing when I get to the wine/burgundy blocks. No wine/burgundy polka dot fabric. But I do have lots of other polka dot colors.

This quilt will use only a small portion of the scrap blocks. I have other ideas on how to use them. And then at the end, if I still have blocks left, I will probably offer them to you guys and have a giveaway.

In my last post, I mentioned BLUE was next. Here you can see them. Somewhat sorted. Many more than I thought I had.

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Two bags full. So many shades of blue. Light blue, royal, navy (different shades), blue gray, medium blue, blues with other colors. Tie dyed.

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And aqua/turquoise.

Not sure what to do with this color. Not a lot of it. Aqua may be one of the colors missing from my Scrappy Project. We shall see.

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More updates in a couple days…….


3 comments on “Scrappy Week 2: Jeweltone Quilt

  1. Yep, you have lots blues. I think I do too. I’m sure I’m going to love this group.

  2. Betty says:

    Hi Donna

    I like the color pattern you have chosen. I think you could go either way.
    The light blues to contrast or keep it dark to stay
    with the trend you already have. I like blue and green together.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Betty, I decided to do something different with the blues since the black polka dot borders made it too dark. But I think you will like what I did. Photos coming up…


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