Sweet Dreams: Made With Love From Scraps

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Except for the back on the doll quilt and the mattress cover, this set was made from all scraps.

You are probably wondering how I collected so many scraps since I only just started quilting this year in January. It was easy. Though I have sewn for more years than I care to remember (think teen-ager), I was clueless to the art of quilt making. Thus my earlier projects were filled with “oops” cuts and wonky sewn pieces. I recut and resewed quite a bit. It was a rough beginning.

But thankfully my learning curve has inched up and I am making fewer mistakes.

I no longer cut fabric just to see if it works. Now I let my eyes and camera do all the auditioning. There will be future scraps for sure. The back of a quilt, for example. Rules (plus tried and true experiences) instruct how many inches larger the back should be than the quilt top. Scraps, scraps and more scarps. No way around it. But if quilt backs are my primary source of scraps, I can live with that. Eventually I hope to downsize my scraps to a smaller storage bin.

But until that happens, I will happily create pretty things like these. 😀

Table mat by day…

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Doll quilt by night…

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Both the quilt and pillow are reversible. I used the mini 1 1/2″ squares on both sides.

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This is actually the mattress. I created a “sheet” for it using lavender and white polka dots and trimmed it with lace on the long sides.

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(Psst, don’t tell Crystal, but I am working on a bracelet using the free beads she sent me for her Jewelry Challenge I told you about. Over at Bead Happily Ever After.


Can you believe it!! I can’t even remember the last time I fondled little seed beads. I had to go “find” my beading supplies. They were well packed away. Fireline, needles, size 8’s seed beads. Where oh where are you!! Took about 30 minutes yesterday to find everything. So the rest of today and tomorrow I will be finishing up my entry. I will show you once it is done. Yippee!! Maybe I will pack up my fabric and put the cover on my sewing machine so I can bead. Not!! 😀 )

8 comments on “Sweet Dreams: Made With Love From Scraps

  1. Um mimo suas criações, parabéns, muito bom gosto

    (Maria Teresa said: A treat their creations, congratulations, good taste.)

  2. Crystal says:

    First of all, the little doll set is too cute!!! 🙂
    Our depression-era grandmothers would be so proud of you for using your scraps in such a beautiful way. (I’d love a full-size quilt in those exact fabrics.)

    And second, I can’t wait to see your bracelet. 😀

    I’m so excited about unveiling everyone’s designs! There are just a few more to come in, and then I can feature all of them in a special post. Fun!

    • don_mae says:


      Thanks, Crystal. I love making doll quilts.

      Guess what? My bracelet is finished. Taking photos now. Will send them to you. Yippee!! I didn’t forget how to peyote.

  3. Deb says:

    Busy busy!

    I’ve got your scraps in the dryer now, hopefully dog fuzz free. Tomorrow I’ll get a little box to stick them in. 🙂 Please email me your mailing address so I can get these off to you this week!

  4. Table mat or doll quilt…the pieces are gorgeous.

    • don_mae says:

      Thanks, Carol. I have everything laid out for two more sets. Just need to sew them.

      So relaxing making doll quilts. I could make a hundred.

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