Scrappy Week – Day 5: All About Purple

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I am kind of late today. Too much birthday celebration!! Hubby will be 69 tomorrow. And every year I tease him that he is not two years older than me. But THREE YEARS OLDER THAN ME!! For about 25 days.

Anyhoo… got a late start today. Didn’t get as many scrap blocks made as intended. First off, I decided to work on PURPLE. I showed you my bag of purple scraps a few days ago. I knew it would be a bear to tackle. And it was!!

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It took over an hour just to get them all organized, sorted into piles and ironed. All that before sewing one stitch. Tired before I began.

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But progress was made. Sixteen blocks finished today.

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I will continue with purple tomorrow. No where near making a dent in them.

These are my favorites so far. I borrowed colors from other scrap bags.

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Why don’t you join me and go collect up your scraps. We will have a Block Party!!

Yesterday’s Color Wheel.

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Total scrap blocks made as of today: 126

  • wine/burgundy 30
  • gold 20
  • yellow 8
  • red 26
  • black/wine 10
  • black 4
  • black/white 4
  • red/black/white 8
  • purple 16

2 comments on “Scrappy Week – Day 5: All About Purple

  1. Gosh these are pretty. The red in there really pops the purple! You are getting quite a collection!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Carol. Thanks much. I like them too.

      Today I am working with purple and turquoise.

      Getting ready to run to JoAnn’s to see if I can find a black fabric with red chili peppers. I have an idea for my black with wine blocks but need that fabric for the back. Wish me luck!!

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