Scrappy Week – Day 2: Gold and Yellow

But before I show you the gold and yellow blocks, time for an update on the wine and burgundy ones. I made five more for a total of 30. I also made an odd ball one (not counting it). I like it but it will certainly stand out by a mile so I won’t include it. But I do like it!!

Here’s a new line up of the WINE blocks. 25 from yesterday and the new five.

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Here’s the odd ball one. I didn’t notice as I was making it. It’s an angel inside a heart.

Image Hosting by

Made these today. 20 blocks in shades of GOLD. I got bored working with the same fabrics, didn’t have much, so I will swing back to this color if I find something later that goes well with the leftover scraps.

Image Hosting by

I like them. Reminds me of the desert. This is my favorite gold one.

Image Hosting by

Next, I moved to YELLOW. Slim pickings. I guess you can tell from my scraps which colors I prefer to work with. Hardly any yellow.

Image Hosting by

I scraped together eight blocks by adding these prints from my stash. I cut a 10″ square from each.

Image Hosting by

And after all that, YUCK!! And I don’t have a favorite. I may take these apart and add a more eye catchy print. For now, it is what it is. 😀

Image Hosting by

Well….. there you have it. 58 blocks made in two days. 4 1/2″ square each.

30 Wine/Burgundy
20 Gold
8 Yellow

I think I will work on black next. My polka dots!! Yum. I can feel the excitement already.

3 comments on “Scrappy Week – Day 2: Gold and Yellow

  1. KipperCat says:

    Hi Donna, The first two sets are gorgeous!! As for the yellow, I think these could totally pop as well I can’t speak “quilt”, but I’ll try to explain my idea. I would try for the blocks to be maybe 40 to 60% of the whole top. The green background of the large floral would be the main background, with accents of fuschia and/or red and blue, like in your striped fabric mixed in somehow. At any rate, pulling in more of those colors might perk it up.

  2. don_mae says:

    Hi KipperCat, thanks much for the suggestion on how to jazz up the yellow. I totally agree it needs some spicing up. What I am trying to do is make blocks with a variety of prints in the same color line. So I would have a yellow block, a blue block, a red block and so forth. I will come back to yellow and redo them.

    • KipperCat says:

      I see! The wine and gold squares look so good, I thought they would each be the basis for their own design. Now i remember that your designs always have more color going on than that. See, I’m learning here, not just enjoying the eye candy. 🙂

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