It’s Going To Be A Scrappy Week

More new fabric is coming…

I have gone crazy buying new fabric on-line. Got some really great deals. What am I going to do with all of it? Well, eventually I plan to spread my wings and take the time to experiment with quilt blocks I haven’t tried before. I say eventually since I don’t want to just cut into them until I have a clear picture on the designs.

So… for now, until those ideas become clearer, I thought I would try to reduce my scraps and have a Scrappy Week.

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This is what I have accumulated since the first of this year. A huge plastic bin of nothing but scraps. I like to go through the bags before I begin a new project. Sometimes I find just what I am looking for to mix and match the new fabric. It doesn’t look organized but it is. Some are sorted by color. Some bags have leftovers from completed projects. I weeded out the itsy bitsy pieces that would require magnifier glasses to sew. Tossed. In. The. Trash. Felt good letting them go. 😀

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Since my last few projects have used burgundy and wine, I started with that color. I am also using scraps purchased from eBay.

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I am making 4 1/2″ square blocks. Some of the scraps were already wonky. And I purposely cut a few crooked for variety.

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I love my revolving little cutting mat.

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It makes getting the perfect 4 1/2″ square so much easier. Don’t have to lift and reposition. Just rotate. And I am using my Klutz glove (I had stopped using it) since I am cutting so close to my fingers. Can’t sew without fingers!!

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So far, I have 25 wine/burgundy blocks completed.

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These two are my favorites.

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Next color? Probably purple and lavender. Have lots of them. The bag is calling out. Empty me!!

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It will be fun deciding what to do with the blocks after I make my way around the color wheel.

How do you manage your scraps? What do you do with them?

BTW, I finished my 2nd boxed mug rug set. It is just slightly different. I like the fabric box on this one better than the first. The handle stands up and doesn’t fall over. I guess it’s true. Practice makes perfect!!


5 comments on “It’s Going To Be A Scrappy Week

  1. Deb says:

    You’re only just started and I’m already loving this project Donna!

    • don_mae says:

      Hey, thanks!! Exciting, huh!!

      Since I only had a little bit of the yellow/gold scraps, I decided to work on that color. I am hoping to get at least 12 blocks made. I’ll show a status tomorrow.

  2. The “look here first” sign made me smile. Good reminder!

  3. You are just too dang ORGANIZED!!
    This is a great project, too.

  4. don_mae says:

    Thank you both.

    I am moving right along. Made 33 blocks so far today. Taking a break. Got to go Krogering.

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