Know Anything About Pinterest?

What’s Pinterest all about?

Why are my crafts shown there?



9 comments on “Know Anything About Pinterest?

  1. KipperCat says:

    It’s a site for people to “pin” up things they like. When I clicked on your link, different people and their comments were shown with your items. I think these are the people who “pinned up” your items. Congrats!

  2. don_mae says:

    This must be something new. Hey, thanks!!

    I saw the link in my Stats. I guess I should go there and click around to see what it’s all about.

  3. Debra says:

    Yup, like KipperCat said, its basically a virtual pinboard to collect things that make you happy. 🙂 Congrats!

  4. I looked around there once…got an invite too, but decided not to join because it wanted to tie my presense there to Facebook.

    Pictures of your work there is good for you, though. Should bring traffic to your shop!!

  5. don_mae says:

    Hi Carol,

    More traffic would be good. Even better would be a few sales.


  6. debsanswers says:

    Pinterest is a virtual social cataloging and bookmarking site designed around pinning images to virtual bulletin boards.You can use the boards for anything. Crafting, food, clothes, event planning, decorating, gift ideas, wish lists, travel, comics, gadgets, or just saving pictures you want to keep or share. You can upload your own images, repin from other boards or link from most other websites.

    For more details read the entire post on my blog at:

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