All Quilted And Headed To The Finished Line

I made myself a promise the other day.

Only sew projects that fit inside the throat area of my sewing machine.

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Anything larger and my stress level shoots off the chart. My panic button gets pushed so often, it is completely worn out. Sewing is supposed to be fun. Relaxing. Not stressful.

I had dreaded starting on this quilt top.

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I knew I would be up to Excedrin #999 by the time I finished. And oh yes, did I ever struggle. It is only 54″ by 54″ but I had to push, pull, tug and cuss. Even with my quilting gloves with the grippers. (Cussing helped some. 😀 )

But… the quilting part is FINALLY FINISHED!! I worked on it off and on for a week.

If you look closely you will see that I appliqued the Dresden Plate wedges and centers by machine to the center of each 9 square block.

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Then sewed straight lines around each 9 square block. Next I stippled around the wedges keeping the stitches within each block and not overflowing to the next. My plan was to do loops inside the ivory border but decided to leave it as is. Then I stippled the brown polka dot border.

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Last step. I still have to sew on the binding.

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I am totally happy with how it looks thus far. I have it hanging in my newly organized “closet” for me to admire.

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Here’s the back.

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Notice my fabric stash. My reorg is looking great, eh? By color. I have little piles of each. Except for those fabrics with really busy prints in numerous colors.

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They got pushed into several Catch-All groupings.

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My charm packs are stored here in these fabric cubes.

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The whole reorg thing is still a works-in-progress. Slowly it is coming together like I want. Hopefully seeing all the neatness will inspire me to create more.

Three more quilt tops to go. All larger than this one. 😦 All made months ago. 😦 The brown and cream Log Cabin one, the purple and lavender Stair Steps one and the blue jeans quilt.

Got to catch up. And then I will keep reminding myself of the promise I made. If I can’t machine quilt it stressfree, don’t make it.

You can read about the making of this quilt here.

12 comments on “All Quilted And Headed To The Finished Line

  1. Debra says:

    Since we had one of our roommates move out a few weeks ago (she still has some stuff to get out of here), we’re super tight on money all of a sudden. But believe me, if we can get by without having to take in a new renter, I am begging my way into her old room to store my sewing stuff and all my crafting things. I literally have the whole bottom of our bedroom closet full of fabric, bags of it all around the dining room table, and then there’s my beading stuff. More stuff, more space. I’m really hoping we can scrape by. And next year when Mattie’s tax return comes in, he should be able to pay off his Jeep, so no more car payment! Cross your fingers we can do this- I WANT THAT ROOM! lol Then I can be as organized as you!

  2. digipicsphotography says:

    Your quilt looks great. It is a job to get them through your machine. I just take frequent breaks and it finally gets done. Then I wonder how I did it. Have you tried miniature quilts? Similar to your doll quilts or small wall quilts?

  3. Lennette says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT DONNA!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I’ve been quilting for about 11 years and my free motion stippling doesn’t even come close to being as beautiful as yours!!! You have taken to quilting like a duck to water and your talent just continues to amaze me with every new quilt you make!!! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY AWESOME!!! I can understand why you don’t want to make anything larger than you can fit into your machine. I use to make bed size quilts and would do the same pushing, pulling, tugging, cussing and contortion techniques that you do and finally said enough is enough! Make whatever makes you happy because that’s what it’s all about!!!

  4. Lennette says:

    By the way, your closet looks fantastic!!! I love all of your drawers, and cubby holes!!! Isn’t it wonderful to have a room that you can walk in to, have everything you need at your finger tips, every organized and know that it’s all yours…your very own room with no hubby’s allowed!!!

  5. digipicsphotography says:

    I am using some storage cabinets from Wally world. They have drawers. It keeps my cats off the fabric.

  6. don_mae says:

    Debra, I wish you luck in getting that room for your crafts. It makes it so much easier to have your supplies all in one place. Just go in there, create and leave. I love it. I even know when hubby has been in there. I have everything just so. It amazes him that I know when he has “messed” with my stuff. 😀

    Sharon, yep, I have. The Back-to-school quilt and the red flowered one are both a bit larger than the smaller doll quilts. I do plan to make more that size.

    Lennette, thanks much. It was so tiring quilting it. I love how it looks but oh boy, when I was half through, I was tempted to see how far I could throw it out the window. 😉 I really prefer stippling compared to straight line quilting. However, I have decided to do diagonal lines on the next quilt. Hope I don’t have to do a lot of tugging, pulling and cussing. LOL!! I do know a few cuss words. Even one in Polish.

    I have the binding on. The reason I decided on the white with brown polka dots was to keep the focus on the quilt and not have the eyes bouncing around the edges. I like it.

  7. Nice job, Donna! I like how you combined the stitching.

    Totally understand the machine throat…I went from a 9×5 arm & bed with the Janome 6500 to a MUCH smaller size. It takes me a while to quilt now.

  8. Debra says:

    Oh! Totally forgot to tell you Donna! One of my flat spiral stitch bracelets, the green and brown one, was one of my most popular items to be oohed and ahhed over at the craft show. My good friend Tracy bought it, but before she grabbed it, pretty much everyone who stopped by my booth picked it up and commented on it. 🙂

  9. digipicsphotography says:

    Told a co worker about your blog. She’s interested in learning how to bead. So you may see her here. Her name is Janet.

  10. don_mae says:

    Thanks, Michelle. You won’t believe that I am thinking of making this again but in different colors. And with a 4th row. I know, I know. Go figure. 😀

    Debra, that is awesome. Now you can make more. Saw your amulet bag. Really really nice. Hope it sells. So much work!!

    Sharon, let me know if she needs any help. Have her check out my Tutorial Page up top. Lots there to help her get started. Thanks for helping me spread the word about my blog.

  11. If I can to a 90×72 on my little Janome Threadbanger 30…you definitely can do a bigger quilt on your machine. 🙂

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