Only $10, OMG!!

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Can you say Oh My Gosh with me?


This was only $10 at one of the craft stores I frequent. I guess the person who made them wanted to get rid of them. This was the last one. It is well made.

I was thinking about painting it. Was. But with all the colorful fabrics I use, I don’t want to box myself in or limit what I can do with it. Maybe paint it white. But probably I will leave it as is.

I love it!! And now I have to make larger doll pillows. The little Ball and Chain ones are way too small for it.

And as usual I made my weekly Wednesday stop at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop yesterday. Senior Day. 25% off. I circled the place. I am getting faster with my browsing. I know what is new, what was there the last time. I headed to the mug section. Found two I liked. Headed to the doll section. Found lots I liked. But only bought three and a stuffed monkey. How cute are these!! All between 1.99 and 3.99.

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No way could I just walk away from them. They needed a home. But don’t tell them they won’t be played with and will just be props for my photo taking sessions. 😀

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7 comments on “Only $10, OMG!!

  1. Debra says:

    Cute finds. You always get the cutest stuff when you go out. I should bring you here to go shopping with me one day!

  2. don_mae says:

    Thanks!! We would have a blast.

  3. digipicsphotography says:

    You find the neatest stuff! I don’t dare go looking at our local Goodwill. I’m trying to get rid of stuff…not bring more stuff home. LOL!

  4. Dorothy says:

    How clever you are! I love the idea of recycling and am certainly not ashamed to go to thrift stores to look for stuff. I weave rugs and make the cloth bowls so am always on the lookout for nice gently used skirts and such with lots of fabric. I enjoy you site and get ideas to add to my stash!

  5. Lillian says:

    What a buy you got. I love the dolls.

  6. gaby says:

    I love the monkey!!

  7. Tanya says:

    The cradle is adorable! :.)

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