Back-To-School Quilt Is Finished

This is where we left off. I was showing you the completed quilt top.

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It still needed to be quilted.

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And bound.

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Ok, let’s go. Lots to tell you. Show you.

I love it when I try something new (to me) or different and it works out ok. There are a couple of “firsts” in this quilt.

No 1: First time quilting with other than a neutral color thread. Tried black. I held my breath each time I arrived at a red section. And wouldn’t you know it, my hands got all wobbly and I messed up a few times. Intimidated by red!! But I left it as is, didn’t stop, rip and start over. I am learning that perfection is overrated.

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No 2: First time sewing the binding by machine. I sewed very slowly and stopped about every four inches to flip up the bottom to make sure I was sewing inside the binding area and not over the edge. I like the result and will likely do it again. For quilts this size or smaller.

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I had just enough of the alphabet fabric to make Dresden Plate wedges for a pillow. Had to piece two of them. So except for a few small scraps, that fabric is used up. Yay!!

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The pillow is different from any others I have made. I added a pocket. A secret hidden pocket. It is deep and the width of the pillow. I bet a child will be delighted to discover it. The intrigue of it all. It is deep enough to completely hide this notepad I covered with the ABC123 fabric.

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This set is perfect for day care. Use it at home or take it to Grandma’s. Nap time and playing school. A playmat. Quilt measures 42″ by 52″ and pillow is 12″ by 16″.

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I am finding I like black, red and white together. It is fast becoming one of my favorite color combinations.

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What are your favorite fabric color combinations? Do tell.

6 comments on “Back-To-School Quilt Is Finished

  1. Lennette says:

    You did it again Donna! Another awesome creation!!! You’re right…perfection is overrated!!!

  2. Lillian Dummer says:

    Just look at you, what a Quilter you turned out to be. Excellent work.

  3. KipperCat says:

    Hi Donna, I’ve always loved black, white & red. With your design and the accent colors in your fabrics, you’ve really “kicked it up a notch”. Great work!

  4. Crystal says:

    Another fabulous gift, Donna! 🙂

    As for my favorite color combination, I love black and red – actually ANY of the jewel tones with black.

    And you know me . . . I also love PURPLE… purple with pink, purple with fuchsia, purple with turquoise, purple with red, purple and green . . .

    Why am I sounding like a Forrest Gump movie, all of a sudden? 😉

  5. I don’t really have a favorite color combo, though I used black, red, and beige for the bf’s footstool I made him, and black, red, and white for the pillow covers I made two of for the couch. Out of all the purses I have made, my favorite one is the hot pink and grey one followed by the chartreuse and black one I did last night. I guess I just like black… lol.

  6. don_mae says:

    Hi everyone. What fun!!

    Last night I went through that latest book I bought. The one that I had to buy the special ruler for. Think the next thing I make will come from it.

    Thanks much!!

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