Making Room For My Fabric

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That is my new rule. So, when I go on a shopping spree and bring in 10 items, ten old things have to go.

Where are these books going? To my local library.

They will sell them at their book sales they have several times a year. I am helping them make a little money and at the same time reducing my tax obligation to Uncle Sam.

Some of the books, I hate to part with. But I don’t have any plans to reread them in the next ten years. (Too busy quilting.) And if I do, I can probably find them all on line. Somewhere. In some form. There are 50 of them. Actually there were just 49. I added one more. I like round numbers. Easier to remember.

So…. off they go… today. Hubby already loaded them in my car.

Now I have to rearrange a few other things and donate a few other things. To free up about 4-5 shelves on my bookcases. It will take me dropping “stuff” in the box and saying Bye-Bye. I know I can do it. πŸ˜€

To Make Room For My Fabric.

I want them all nice and neat. Folded and stacked in piles. Color coordinated. I don’t have bolts of fabric. Just yards and Fat Quarters. Lots of FQ’s. And it has gotten to be a chore looking for a particular print or color. I know I have it. I know I didn’t use it. But where is it!!

Time to organize my little Fabric Stash. Then it will be easier for me to create all the craft ideas screaming to get out of my head.

Is your fabric organized? How did you do it? Do tell.

4 comments on “Making Room For My Fabric

  1. Debra says:

    LOL All of my fabric is stuffed into one of those big 3 drawer plastic storage units in the closet. Not very neat or organized. I’m not even sure what drawer has what in it… lol.

    I did a major collection of stuff from my mom’s tonight, and listed 43 books on eBay, and started listing about 60 CDs I haven’t listened to in years nor do I plan to anytime. I’m hoping to sell half of it, and will list anything that doesn’t sell one more time, but then it’s all getting donated to the library. It has to go!

  2. cindydyer says:

    Good rule, one in and one out! I have that rule about dishes, too (I have a plate fetish πŸ˜‰

    I have my fabric store two ways—one is in galvanized bins (from IKEA) with plastic namecard labels and a tiny swatch of each fabric that’s in that bin. The rest of the fabric is folded and sorted as close to color palette as I can get (yardage, not fat quarters). The fat quarters (what few I have) are stored in a fabric folding box. I would imagine you could use small storage boxes (like the 99 cent shoe boxes) and fill them up based by color (with labels on each box), prints in another (you could have an “abstract” label, a “floral” label, etc. Those would all go on shelves. That’s how I would do it if I had fat quarters to store (will they fit upright in one of those shoe box-size storage containers?

    Heaven forbid if I ever get into quilting! I have enough hobbies as it is! πŸ˜‰

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Cindy!! Thanks for sharing how you store your fabric.

      I have an idea for shoeboxes and my scraps but hadn’t thought of using them for my FQ’s. Hmmm. Now I am thinking that might work.

      Thanks much!!

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