Recycle #7: Batting Scraps Doll Mattress

At first, I was throwing away my batting scraps. Now, how stupid is that!! If you quilt, then you know I was throwing out big bucks. That stuff is NOT CHEAP, is it?

So… I got a huge plastic bag with a drawstring on top and started accumulating scrap batting pieces. Large and small. Any size.

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Some with the fabric still attached. I kept it all. Once when I needed a small piece of fabric to finish a project, I ended up digging around in there looking for a match. And found it!!

Those scraps come in handy. Real handy.

I was making a little mattress for a doll bed and immediately thought of the batting scraps. But first I had to “clean” them up.

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Even though the scraps would be enclosed and not seen, I still wanted to pick off the threads and pull off any fabric that I could. Took an hour but I am glad I did it. They look nice and clean.

I started off sewing the “mattress” just as you would make a little pillow case.

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Next, I inserted two long strips of really thick Pellon. To form the sides of my “mattress.” And then stuffed it with most of the batting scraps.

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I decided to make the top part into a pillow. An attached pillow.



And stuffed the pillow part with the remaining batting scraps.

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I think it turned out cute. My little mattress and pillow. The fabric looks like mattress ticking. But it is a queen size flat sheet I got at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $5.99. It will make up lots of stuff. I think I got a real deal.


Hubby saw me working on it and shook his head. I know what he was thinking. 66 years old and playing with dolls!! 😀

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I will show you tomorrow why I made this. 😀

5 comments on “Recycle #7: Batting Scraps Doll Mattress

  1. digipicsphotography says:

    I’ve been known to sew pieces of batting together to get just the size I need.

    You can get one of those sticky roller thingies that takes pet hair off your clothes and roll it across the batting to clean it up.

  2. Betty (Nana) says:

    Now, isn’t that the cutest thing!
    There are many of us in our 60’s who still “play” with dolls, although the pricier ones are kept in a display case.

  3. Lennette says:

    Your creativity continues to amaze me Donna!!! You are, without a doubt, the most clever crafter I’ve ever met!!!

  4. Maria K says:

    I am in love with this!

  5. don_mae says:

    Thank you, everyone, for your comments.

    I just posted photos of the doll quilt I was working on.

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