Recycle #6: Toss Pillows From The 90’s

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Remember when teal and persimmon were the hot colors? YEARS ago. Well, I had a dozen toss pillows for our white sectional in those colors plus white. Even our Christmas tree had matching glass ornaments and bulbs. For the past decade (maybe longer), they have been stored away, sealed in a heavy plastic bag.

They were saved many times from the donation box. I kept thinking they are too nice to give away. I will circle back to those colors one day. Not!!

Time to let them go. Or recycle.

So… I decided to recycle them.

I have done one already. This is the 2nd one. I used a fabric with a light peach print on a white background from one of “the gift stashes”. It is the softest fabric. I have enough to make two more.

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Making a pillow form is quite easy. First, measure the pillow cover. To allow for seams (french seams), add about two extra inches all around. Sew french seams on three sides. On the top side, just sew half way across. You need an opening large enough for your hand to get inside and arrange the stuffing. To close up the opening, you can machine close or hand stitch. You can have the whole thing made in about 30 minutes.

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Here I am trying it out.

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Stuffing it into my New Pillow Cover I haven’t told you about yet. Need to edit the photos so I can post pictures.

3 comments on “Recycle #6: Toss Pillows From The 90’s

  1. digipicsphotography says:

    Pillow forms are easy to make and cost a whole lot less than the ones in the store.

    Then you can make your own covers (removable or not).

    Love your color choices, BTW.

  2. Debra says:

    hehe For once Donna is following my lead! :p

  3. don_mae says:


    And Yep. 😀

    (Thanks much. I love those colors, too.)

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