Auditioning Fabric For Bindings and Mug Rugs

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Hi everyone, been a while. But I have been busy. VERY busy.

Making fun Mug Rugs. If you have never heard of them, they are the equivalent of a coaster and a placemat. Larger than the former and smaller than the latter.

Deciding on which fabric to use for the binding has taken days. Yes, I really do mean DAYS. Since you know hand sewing is my least favorite part of quilting, I wanted to make absolutely sure my choice would be perfect.

So…. I tried out several.

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It was still hard deciding. I guess it is best to let the “squares” decide. And look at them through my camera lenses. I can eliminate a lot of yucks just with this one step.

BTW, I created these mug rugs by cutting 5″ by 5″ fabric charms into four 2 1/2″ squares. The ones with pinked edges gave me fits!! Why do companies pink the edges? Don’t they know about fabric waste. And trying to match up the sides is a total PITA!! I ended up cutting off most of them before sewing.

Anyhoo… back to what I was telling you. I have almost 20 mug rugs in the works. Some sewn, quilt sandwiches made, some quilted ready for binding and some bindings waiting to be hand sewn. I think the fun part is selecting the fabrics and sewing them together. I love that step!!

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These photos show more mug rugs. Adding in a few novelty squares. I am going to use red polka dots for the back and probably bind them with black fabric with tiny white dots. I’ll keep making them until I run out of little squares.

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What do you think of my POINTS?

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Looking good, huh? I figured out the trick to getting them almost perfect. The trick is don’t skimp when making the fold in the corners. Let it extend out a bit. Like a hang over. That little extra allows the corners to point out and lay flat.

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What else have I been working on……. I made a few things with the cat fabric I showed you a couple weeks ago. But more on that later. Need to finish them up and take photos.


2 comments on “Auditioning Fabric For Bindings and Mug Rugs

  1. Belinda says:

    Donna, you’re creatity has no boundaries! I love the way you take your hobbies to new levels and figure out unique projects to make. You did that with your beading, crocheting, and now with quilting. My goodness—when are you going to be published? 😉 🙂 You could write a wonderful book! 😀

    It’s always fun to see what you’re going to create next! 😀

    • don_mae says:

      Thanks so much, Belinda. Coming from you, with your sewing expertise, means a lot.

      I am like a kid in the candy store. I have fabric everywhere. And a head full of ideas. Working on this. Working on that.

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