Wednesday Is New STUFF Day!!

Want to see all the new stuff I got recently?

OK. Let’s go!!


Wrought iron quilt hanger with a heart. Found this on eBay.

Image Hosting by

It fits my Dresden Plate mini quilt perfectly with a couple inches to spare. Now I have to either sew on hanging tabs in the back or make a hanging sleeve.

Books. I really loved the Jesse Stone movie series with Tom Selleck that I bought a couple weeks ago. Dark but mesmerizing. I love the characters.

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I so wanted to know what happened to Jesse after the last movie, No Remorse, that I bought all the books. I received these yesterday. Two more to come. I will start with the first book, Night Passage, and work my way through them all.


Image Hosting by

I recently switched to all cotton for sewing my quilt tops. Didn’t like it at first. Seemed to curl up around the sewing machine needle when I pulled on it. Figured out it was just the first few inches doing it probably from being wound so tightly around the spool top. I am trying some new threads too. Variegated and transparent. Will let you know how I like them.


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Too cheap to pass up. From JoAnn’s. $8 for the larger one. $5 each for the smaller ones. I am going to use them for fabric scraps. I can easily stack them if space becomes an issue.

Quilting supplies.

Image Hosting by

Got my giant clips, my soapstone, my gloves, more rulers. And about 800 bent quilting pins. Do I have enough!!

Then got all of this for $12 from my brother-in-law’s Resale Shop.

Image Hosting by

A huge picnic basket, 3 clocks THAT WORK, 3 curtain rods that I hope to use to hang my quilts. What a deal. Yay!!

And last… I saved the best for last.

FABRIC. OMG!! Please!! Someone stop me!! Please send the Popo. The Fabric Police. I need help. 😀

I got Fat Quarters, batik charms, Moda solids, novelty charms, flowers, butterflies, polka dots, circles and more dots, flannel. Even BABY themed fabric.

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

This is the fabric I told you about. I am using it for the sashing and the back of my t-shirt quilt. Cute huh? Kind of kiddie but I like it.

Image Hosting by

Well… That does it for my Shopping Sprees. I think I have done my part in getting the economy moving.

What have you purchased lately? Do tell.


7 comments on “Wednesday Is New STUFF Day!!

  1. Man!! You HAVE been shopping. Lots of good loot and I saw a couple of fabrics I would love to have in MY stash.
    Good sewing

  2. Debra says:

    Donna, you have some very pretty new fabrics there!

    No shopping for me lately, but my next purchase will be some cheap red satin to finish cutting the lining for my last unfinished sewing project. Just need to scavenge a few dollars first! lol

  3. Pat says:

    You go girl. The fabric Police aka my husband has put his foot down. So you buy for me please.

  4. Crystal says:

    Lots of good stuff, Donna!!!!!!! 🙂

    I am no help to you with the fabric problem. I have very little strength to resist *anything* in Joanne’s, Michael’s, or any other sewing/craft store!!! 😉

  5. digipicsphotography says:

    You got some good deals!

    The only thing I’ve bought recently is a giant dahlia template set.

  6. Lillian Dummer says:

    I would love to go shopping with you I want all that stuff. recently I went to a sewing expo and bought nine yards of material and an expo shopping bag oh I had such a good time.

  7. Paula Michalowski says:

    Nice stuff! For me buying lately it’s technique and instructional books for crafting, stone and beads with some cloth. If I wasn’t crafty I might actually have a real savings account!

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