Recycle # 2: Making A T-Shirt Quilt

I could kick myself!! Year after year, I have purged my closets and drawers of things I wasn’t wearing or had no intention of ever wearing again. Stuff too small or too big. Out of style, out dated. Too young looking. Too this or too that. A lot of those giveaways were tee shirts. Many from my old jobs.

Now I wish I still had them, since I am making a t-shirt quilt. I saved a few from our travels and those I didn’t want to part with. Such as Gucci and Titanic. I think I have enough to make a lap quilt.

First, I gathered them up.

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I immediately started cutting. Probably not the best idea. But I was anxious to see how the colors would blend and how I would arrange them.

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OK. They looked ok to me. So I took them off my design wall and tossed the cut pieces into the washing machine. I washed them with Shout Color Catcher, which BTW, is GREAT!! If you haven’t purchased it yet. Do go buy some. I was very happy with the result. No problems. Just look at the before and after sheets. Amazing!!

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Anyhoo… back to it not being the best idea to cut before washing. The edges curled. Big time.

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And ironing didn’t straighten the edges out. Oh well. Too late now. I am being careful not to burn my fingers as I unroll the edges as I iron on the facing.

That is where I am now. Ironing on the facing. Then I will trim the sections into squares and put them back up on my design wall.

I bought the cutest material for the sashing and the back. I was looking for something with a “travel” theme since most of the t-shirts are from somewhere. The fabric has helicopters on it. Close enough. And it has different shades of blue. Most of my t-shirts are navy so it should work out ok.

Feels good to recycle/repurpose these t-shirts. Not only will the quilt keep my knees warm, it will take me on a trip every time I look at it. Down Memory Lane.

(Did you notice these up there on my design wall? Be still my heart!!) 😀

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3 comments on “Recycle # 2: Making A T-Shirt Quilt

  1. I have been thinking of doing this too. Been looking on the internet for other things to do with the scraps left over. I’m thinking I’ll make a patchwork jacket with each square embroidered. We’ll see. I’ll be watching how yours turns out and be glad to hear the tips you pass on.

    Great project!

  2. Gaby says:

    Is missing a t shirt with the inscription(?¿) “This year’s dozen” 🙂

  3. Maria Teresa D. Valente says:

    Bom dia, agradecemos as postagens lindas que nos envia e aproveitamos para desejar uma feliz e abençoada PÁSCOA, abraços carinhosos de Maria Teresa

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