Made A Pieced Back For My Dresden Plate Quilt

Trying something different for my Dresden Plate mini quilt. A pieced back, using most of the fabrics I used to make the plates plus I sneaked in a couple new fabrics as fillers.

I cut 5 1/2″ squares and made nine 9 patch blocks. Each block has one burnt orange square and one brown/white polka dot square. And the rest were randomly picked. The squares are all sewn together. Just need to sew the 9 patch blocks together.

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Now… knowing what the back measurements will be, I can go about finishing up the front. And I do believe I am going to make 3 more plates for a total of nine. The finished quilt should be around 52″ by 52″.

You will be delighted to know that I am just about out of all of these fabrics EXCEPT FOR the Brown and White Polka Dots. I have tons of it!!

This is what I worked on yesterday and today. What have you been working on? 😀

5 comments on “Made A Pieced Back For My Dresden Plate Quilt

  1. digipicsphotography says:

    I like your backing. It will make your quilt reversible. Good work on the Dresdens too.

    • don_mae says:


      I finished sewing the nine blocks together last night and today I work on the 3 extra plates. I think I have just enough fabric to finish them.

  2. Maria K says:

    Love the backing, something I haven’t seen to often. I am really enjoying watching your quilting talents.

    As for me, I am finishing up the church pew banner for my daughters first communion and will start working on making her headpiece—I hope six weeks gives me enough time!

  3. Am so waiting to see how any of the three quilts you’ve started turns out at the end!!! ;P

    I finished up that blue/green batik half square triangle quilt last night…worked on it half on Saturday and finished last night the last of the binding when I found out we had a new baby boy in the extended family. Now I’m going back to the Hobo quilt. I have 18 blocks finished.

  4. digipicsphotography says:

    That size (52 x 52) is a great “throw” size quilt. Will keep you warm when you are sitting watching TV. That’s my favorite size.

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