Crossing The Border and Mitered Corners

Borders are cut, sewn on and corners mitered.


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Now… once I receive the backing fabric I ordered on-line from JoAnn’s TWO WEEKS AGO, I can start quilting my quilt top. Quilt Top. That’s feels good to say. Quilt Top. My Quilt Top is finished!!

What else have I been doing? Reading. A LOT. Studying my quilt books. And looking at quilting You Tube Videos. I bet I have watched 50 of them. Techniques, tips, types of blocks. And I have been sorting through my wee bit of fabric stash. Playing with it. Trying to decide which ones to use for my next quilt.

I took a few quilting breaks and made more plant hangers like the green one I told you about. Three of them. White, mauve and cream. Photos coming soon. Need to edit them. The plan is to make a few more and then start designing a new one.

Thank you so much to those who purchased my macrame plant hanger pattern. Really appreciate it. (And to Betty, who bought the green plant hanger.) 😀