Made My 1st Drunkard Path Quilt Block

My next project will be this small wall hanging called Circle Safari. The pattern is in Fat Quarter Friendly from Fons and Porter’s For the Love of Quilting Magazine.

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I bought this book a couple years ago when the urge to learn to quilt was slowly sneaking up on me. I even spend quite a bit of time flipping through it looking at the pretty pictures of quilts.

The wall hanging I want to make was easy to find. The page had a sticky note.

First thing I did (after reading the instructions a hundred times) was scan the pattern pieces onto hardstock paper.

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These are the two fabrics I am using for my test block.

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I used my spray adhesive. (It worked great!! I just needed to shake the can more.)

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That was Piece B. Here is Piece A.

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Cutting done. Ready to pin and sew.

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Here is where I had to pause.

And unlearn how I have pinned my WHOLE LIFE!! I don’t pin vertically. Never have. It will take time to learn how to do it this way. I struggled with the yellow ball being in my way. So, I had no choice but to stop and repin.

You can see from this photo I am fighting it. Rebelling just a bit.

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Starting just before the center mark, I began sewing.

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Then I flipped the piece over to sew the rest of the way in the opposite direction.

And done.

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I did make one goof. I trimmed off what I thought was excess on one edge. BEFORE I STARTED SEWING. Turns out I shouldn’t have. Oops!!

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I am going to piece it back together. Such a tiny piece, will be hidden in the seams.

I have some questions for you experienced quilters.

  • Why does it say to press TOWARD Piece A? When clearly the seam is already nice and smooth where it is, pointing toward Piece B.
  • And why do I need to clip the seams? They are not bunched up. ?????
  • Do any of you use the Curved Master Presser Foot to make your circles?
  • Do you trim the block as you go or wait until all blocks are completed?

Well, that does it. My very first Drunkard Path block. All those set-in sleeves I sewed as a teen-ager paid off!!

Additional information:

Regarding the Curved Master Presser Foot, I found this about it on-line when I was researching the Drunkard Path block. I am thinking about buying one.

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This is the spray adhesive I used.

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9 comments on “Made My 1st Drunkard Path Quilt Block

  1. Lennette Whited says:

    Your block looks fantastic Donna and I love your fabric selections! You asked a couple of questions I have tips for. I have learned that although it may make sense to press to the “easiest” side, I always follow the instructions for pressing, even if it seems easier to press it the other way. The instructions tell you to clip the inside of edge of piece B because it makes joining curves SO much easier if the inside edge of one of the curves is clipped BEFORE sewing together. I usually clip the inside edge about every 1/2″ or so and clip it little less than 1/4″ of an inch. If you do that, your curves come together beautifully. When I pin the two curves together, I start by pinning the middles together and then each of the outer edges and then pin the rest of it. If you do it that way, you will find that you don’t have to sew half of the curve and then take it out of your machine and flip it over to sew the other half. You’ll be able to start at one end and sew the whole thing without having to stop and flip it around to sew the other half. I do all of my trimming of blocks after I have completed all of them. Also, another tip is that instead of adhering each template to each piece of fabric, lay your template on the wrong side of the fabric and use a pencil to trace around it and then cut it out with scissors. This will save you SO much time in cutting out all your pieces, will save you money on adhesive spray too and will make the whole process easier. I’ve never used the foot that you asked about so I can’t be much help there. I just love that you’re quilting!!!!

    • don_mae says:

      Thank you so much, Lennette, for answering my questions. I can see why I need to follow the directions per the pattern. I will try your suggestions for pinning when I make the next block. I tried tracing with a pencil and can’t make out the lines. I guess my marking pencil is old or I am not pressing hard enough. I’ll try it again.

      Thanks again for your answers. They are all very helpful. And you know I need all the help I can get. 😀

  2. Julia P says:

    Did you post a pic of the “Drunken Path” one?

    • don_mae says:

      Hi there, Julia.

      Just that one block up top. I haven’t finished the other 3 parts of it to sew together. But working on it. Have 16 pieces cut out. Need 36 to make that wall hanging. Stay tuned…

  3. Lennette Whited says:

    One thing that I forgot to mention in pressing your Drunkard’s Path blocks is that you want to press half of them towards the A piece and the other half toward the B piece. When you are joining 2 of the blocks together, join one A with one B and the seams will butt up against each other, which will make the two halves come together nicely with the seams matched perfectly.

  4. digipicsphotography says:

    Donna, you can get a pen to mark your templates on the fabric at JoAnns or Michaels, that will fade the longer it is exposed to air and will also wash out.

  5. digipicsphotography says:

    Oh and if you are going to cut out several pieces at once, pin your fabric together before you cut so that your fabric doesn’t slide and all your pieces are the same size and shape. I usually just place one pin in the center.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Sharon!! Thanks for the tip on cutting multiple pieces. I’ll remember it “when” I get to that point. I am still cutting one piece at a time. Baby steps…

      I have 2 marker pencils and 2 marker pens. The pens seem to dry out as I mark and I have to retrace. The pencils don’t mark dark enough to me. But I do use them sometimes.

      Thanks much.

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