New Quilt Books and Tools

Look at my new quilting books I found on the net.

First one. Just 42 cents!! For real. No joke. Regular price $19.95. And there is not one thing wrong with it. No rips, tears, markings, highlighting, pages missing, notes. None of that. A perfect 9″ by 10 1/2″ softcover book. 256 pages. From Amazon.

Can you say “steal”?

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And another great find. Another steal. Also from Amazon.

This one just $5.20. AND IT IS HARDCOVER!! Only thing I could find wrong was a small water stain on the inside first page. Which is blank. And a small rip on the bottom corner of the spine. You can see it in the photo. For five bucks, I will tape that, no problem.

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This is a gift from my good friend, Lennette. A quilting fanatic. And she wants me to be one too. A one year’s subscription to American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Many, many tips and projects. Surely to keep me busy all year.

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Got these at Michaels yesterday with my coupons. If you haven’t signed up yet to receive coupons via e-mail, what are you waiting for. Every penny saved means you can buy more stuff!!

50% off.

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40% off.

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And this I found while searching for something else. Forgot I had it. I tried it and it doesn’t hold that long. Could be the tackiness is gone. I bought it about 3 1/2 years ago.

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Well…. that does it for me. What did you do to move the economy along? 😀


2 comments on “New Quilt Books and Tools

  1. Grandma V says:

    I ordered a bunch of yarn from Webs last night to help move the economy along!!! I always go on a knitting rampage during the cold winter months. Also,added to my bead stash with an online order from Harlequin beads in Eugene, Oregon. Happy creating – you will now need a new room for all the fabric stash you will start accumulating with the new quilting craze!!

  2. Lennette Whited says:

    You are more than welcome for the magazine subscription, Donna!!!

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