And Green It Is!!!!

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Once I set my mind to doing something……

OK, going to bed now. BBL


7 comments on “And Green It Is!!!!

  1. nancy says:

    I like the idea of a square quilted star. Sounds like a great idea for a hotpad for the table. The colors look great – I can’t wait to get to the store to start mine.

  2. Lennette Whited says:

    That is oh so pretty Donna!!!!!

  3. don_mae says:

    Hi Lennette. Thank you, thank you.

    Nancy, so glad you like my square and plan to make one. I hope you will send me a photo.

  4. Katie says:

    You’re blog is one of my favorites! I love that you are trying quilting now. You inspire me so much by trying new things. I’ve been wanting to learn quilting for so long and maybe this is the little tug I need to do it.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Katie. Thank you so much.

      I have wanted to learn for years. Just had to get over my fear of chopping off a finger. I’ll try different patterns along with the stars. And I am already studying how to make circles and half circles so I can make a small wall hanging.

      Do join me. Do you already have a fabric stash?

  5. Crystal says:

    Gorgeous, Donna!
    LOVE your fabrics and that you’ve added solids. I always tried to incorporate the solid fabrics (and very TINY prints) to my larger prints because the solids seem to act as frames that allow the star shape to really stand out.

    This is going to be a prize-winner when it’s done!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Crystal. Thanks much.

      I am running out of “what goes well together” so I dipped into my solids. I want to go on a fabric buying spree but something is telling me to continue practicing with my existing stash. Lots of brown coming up!! 😀

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